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2011 Capstone Projects

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Black, Julie. Museum PR: Investigating the Role of PR in the Museum Community. Download PDF

Bierzynski, Alyssa. Destination Branding and First Impressions: An Analysis of Grenada’s Tourism Promotion. Download PDF

Boggs, Whitney. The Multicultural World of Social Media Marketing: How to Use Social Media to Target Multicultural Audiences. Download PDF

Bramble, Jenna. Connecting Consumers to eHealth: Theoretically Based Recommendations for a Consumer-Facing Communications Strategy on eHealth. Download PDF

Brewer, Tiffany. Exploring the Impact of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant on Parents and Teenage Girls.  Byrne, Patrick. Individual v. Group Dynamic Analysis. Download PDF

Byrne, Patrick. Individual v. Group Dynamic Analysis. Download PDF

Franklin, Nigel. Becoming a Popular Music Artist in the Digital Age. Download PDF

Goldfine, Erica. Best Practices: The Use of Social Media Throughout Emergency and Disaster Relief. Download PDF

Goldman, Erica. Hope and the Path to the Presidency: A Historical Analysis of the use of Hope Appeals in Presidential Campaigns. Download PDF

Honabarger, Darcie. Bridging the Gap: Turning Environmental Awareness into Green Purchasing. Download PDF

Jenkins, Blaise. Consumer Sharing of Viral Video Advertisements: A Look into Message and Creative Strategy Typologies and Emotional Content. Download PDF

Kantor, Danielle. Authentically Preppy, Genuinely Hipster: How Brands Utilize Storytelling & Social Narratives to Build Authenticity. Download PDF

Kind, Allison: Case Study: News Organizations’ Twitter Coverage of the 2011 State of the Union Address. Download PDF

Kwitter, Mallory. The Age Difference: Does the Entertainment Media Treat Child Stars Differently Than Adult Celebrities? Download PDF

LeClair, Kathryn. The Millennium Development Goals and Agenda Setting: A Review of Newspaper Articles in the US Media. Download PDF

Malene, Devon. Accessorizing with Food: Cooking Shows and Cultural Values. Download PDF

Mayes, Laura. Effectively Incorporating Social Media: A Case Study on Coca-Cola. Download PDF

Nee, Carissa. What Makes a Presidential Campaign Logo Effective: Best Practices and a Semiotic Analysis of the Logos of Barack Obama, George W. Bush and John McCain Download PDF

Ochoa, Rosemari. Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED): A case study on how complimentary on- and off-line approaches can build community and cultivate platforms for innovation and creativity. Download PDF

Priest, Madeline. The Religious Environmental Movement: Its Current State and Future. Download PDF

Salzman, Nicole. Nutrition and the News: An Analysis of Nutrition Coverage on the Today Show. Download PDF

Scarlett, Amy. Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility: Challenges to Companies with Low Company-Cause Fit. Download PDF

Sheedy, Caroline. Social Media for Social Change: A Case Study of Social Media Use in the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. Download PDF

Smith, Megan. Amplifying the Female Voice in Online Political Discourse. Download PDF

Sonies, Sarah. Consumer Branding in Politics: A Comparison of Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Download PDF

Stout, Trina. Framing Abortion Access for the Abortion Grays: Moving the Middle Toward Wider Support for Abortion Rights in the United States. Download PDF

SunEagle, Taurra. Digital Models of Music: A Case Analysis of The Music Industry’s Response to Technological Changes. Download PDF

Tanner, Wendy. Marginalization and Trivialization of Female Athletes and Women’s Sports through Commentator Discourse: A Study of ESPN’s SportsCenter. Download PDF

Taran, Maryna. The True Power of Community Voice: A Study of Participatory Communication within International Development. Download PDF

Young, Jessica. America’s Favorite Neighbor? A study of US Navy community relations. Download PDF