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2013 Capstone Projects

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Baliga, Divya. Framing Youth Smoking: A case analysis and media audit of the truth® campaign and Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids. Download PDF

Bernstein, Zachary. No Laughing Matter: A Textual Analysis of The Media Response to Stephen Colbertʼs SuperPAC Download PDF

Cangro, Stephanie Lenore. When ‘Girl’ Is A Four-Letter Word: A Case Study of Pussy Riot in Western and Social Media. Download PDF

Guldin, Nicholas. The Role of Social Media in College Choice Among First Generation College Students Download PDF

Lewis, Shani. Consumer Engagement Relationships in Social Media Campaigns Download PDF

Li, Julia (Dongyu). Framing Gun Violence: A Context Analysis of the Aurora Theater Shooting and the Newtown Shooting Download PDF

Liverpool-Cummins, Amanda. From Mallory Keaton to Teddy Duncan: A Comparison between Changes in Family Unit, Values, Social Issues and Relationships in ‘80s, ‘90s and Contemporary Family and Tween Television Shows Download PDF

McCarty, Lauren. Framing Famine: An Analysis of U.S. Media Coverage of the 2011 Famine in the Horn of Africa Download PDF

Moustakis, Athina. Social Media and the Global Brand: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of the McDonald’s Brand and Consumer Relationship on Facebook Download PDF

Moylan, Becky. News in 140 Characters: A Content Analysis of U.S. News Outlets on Twitter Download PDF

Younes, Nora. How Perceptions of Middle Eastern Culture Are Related to Consumer's Willingness to Try Middle Eastern Food Download PDF

Wang, Jenny. Best Practices: Executive Blogs Download PDF