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2014 Capstone Projects

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Chronister, Paul. The Second Screen Landscape: Exploring the Motivations of Using Second Screen Devices While Watching TV. Download PDF

Hao, Dongying (Maggie). White or Yellow?: The Effects of a Spokesperson's Ethnicity for Chinese International Firms in an Overseas Food Safety Crises Scenario. Download PDF

Hunter, M. Todd. The Military, the Media, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: An Analysis of Media Framing and Post-9/11 Service Members' Decisions to Seek Help. Download PDF

Majidi, Taylor. The Effects of Race/Ethnicity and Gender on Medical Perceptions of News Stories. Download PDF

McEntee, Ashley M. Framing the News: An Experiment to Explore the Effects of Framed News Stories on Audiences' Propensity to Purchase Goods and Their Perceptions of the Economy. Download PDF

Pfister, Rebecca. Teenagers' Media Consumption and Perception of Mental Illness. Download PDF

Radlick, Michael. Why Hispanics Use Facebook and Twitter: A Uses and Gratifications Approach. Download PDF

Schwartz, Beth. The Impact of Facebook on Attitudes About Marriage and Children for American Women in Their Twenties. Download PDF.

Zhang deGategno, Shu (Karen). Exploring How Two-Phase Crisis Response Strategies Influence Public Perceptions of an Organization in a Corporate Social Responsibility-Related Crisis. Download PDF


Political Communication Capstone Project

Bain, Tiffany K. Black Ethnics' Perception and Reception of U.S. Political Messages: An Analysis of Microtargeting Efforts to Black Caribbean and Black African Cultural Identities. Download PDF

Cusey, William A. What's in a Voice?: An Examination of the Gender Differences in Political Advertising Voiceovers. Download PDF

Lusthoff, Anna. "Who Controls Whom?": The Evolving and Complex Relationship of the President, the Media, and the Public. Download PDF

Pender, Alexandra. The Future of the Youth Vote in American Politics: A study of the political attitudes of youth voters and their perception of immigration reform and the Republican Party. Download PDF

Smith, Angela. The Senate Sisterhood Speaks: An Analysis of Gendered Rhetoric in Floor Speeches of the 113th Senate. Download PDF

Strauss, Jesse. I Approve This Message: Directors Notes. Download PDF