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2009 and 2008 Capstone Projects

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Karalis, Peter. Axe Invades America: Unilever's Advertising Campaign to Promote the Axe Brand and Introduce a New Product Category to Generation Y Consumers in the U.S. Download PDF

Morones, Kelly Hannon. A Case Study of the Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation’s Y Campaign to Reduce Youth Smoking using Social Marketing. Download PDF

Neill, Shelly A.The Alternate Channel: How Social Media is Challenging the Spiral of Silence Theory in GLBT Communities of Color. Download PDF

Zimmer, Monica M. Quenching America's Thirst for Bottled Water: How Corporate and Nonprofit Campaigns Can Join Forces to Improve the Environment. Download PDF


Lavecchia, Mei-Ling M. Belgium's Euro Campaign: A Model for Global Public Relations Relationship Management and Collaboration. Download PDF