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2010 Capstone Projects

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Bakane, Sarah. Impact of culture on the branding of savings products by banks in Cameroon. Download PDF

Bird, Kathryn. An A-List Voice of Reason: The Use of Popular Actors as Anti-Smoking Spokespeople. Download PDF

Brick, Katherine. The Potential for Mobile Text Message Campaigns in Public Health: HIV/AIDS Behavior Campaigns in Sub-Saharan Africa. Download PDF

Brown, Cassandra. Turning Fair Trade Green: Creating a Consumer Movement for Fair Trade Coffee. Download PDF

Brown, Eleanor. How implementing social media strategies (the right way) attracts customer loyalty. Download PDF

Cabur, Tamara. Crisis Communication Response Analysis: Air France Flight AF447 Crash. Download PDF

Das, Angelica. Informing D.C.: A Guide to the Washington, D.C. News Media Landscape. Download PDF

Dominguez, Trace. Self-Efficacy of Constituent Discourse on YouTube: YouTube Users Interview President Obama. Download PDF

Fang, Yingbi. Corporate Social Responsibility in China: A Study on Corporate Social Responsibility for Multinational Corporations in China. Download PDF

Florenz, Cate. A Framework for Cultural Embeddedness in Advertisements. Download PDF

Giorgianni, Phil. 1938 Colored Glasses: Appeasement as a Frame for American Foreign Policy Discussions 2001-2009. Download PDF

Goldsher, Eve. The Many Frames of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Download PDF

Hameededdin, Noor. New Communication Technologies and Social Change: Cell Phone Effects on the Saudi Family. Download PDF

Harding, Samantha. The Heart Truth Campaign: Exploring the Success of the Red Dress. Download PDF

Hernandez, Leila: That’s what she said: Comparing Race, Gender, and Class in the British and U.S. Versions of The Office. Download PDF

Hickman, Kelly. An Exploration of Best Practices for Breast Cancer Cause-Related Marketing in a Crowded Marketplace. Download PDF

Honick, Ryan. Private I: Teens, Young Adults, Information Sharing, Reputation Management and Privacy Concerns in the Entangled Web 2.0. Download PDF

Hubbard, Jennifer. The Media’s Role in Shaping American Public Opinion of Foreign Policy. Download PDF

Jamal, Nancy. The Bahraini Experience: 10 Years of Establishing the Fourth Power; A Communication Model. Download PDF

Kopp, Susannah. Survival to Renewal: A Study of Tulane University’s Implementation of Renewal Discourse in Response to Hurricane Katrina. Download PDF

Korn, Jessica. Performance-Enhancing Drug Use in Professional Baseball: A Study of Image Repair and Public Perception. Download PDF

Kubert, Alicia. Listen, Collaborate & Relinquish: How International Humanitarian Organizations Can Best Utilize Social Media to Increase Civic Participation. Download PDF

Love, Jessica. How Managers Choose Media: The Media Richness Theory and a Case Study of Computer-Mediated Communication and Organizational Performance. Download PDF

Mascelli, Meghan. Real Beauty? Why Dove’s Campaign is Only Skin Deep? Download PDF

Park, ChanMi. South Korean Nation Branding: U.S. Newspaper Media Content Analysis of South Korea’s Image and Reputation. Download PDF

Pick, Carl. Mobile Strategies in Political Communication. Download PDF

Reed, Brandee. African American Stereotypes in the Oscars: The relation between African American stereotypical roles in film and Oscar Nominations. Download PDF

Smith, Maria. Health Communication and the use of Entertainment Education and PSA’s. Download PDF

Solloway, Tyler. Emotional-Cognitive Processing Model: A Proposal Combining Emotional and Cognitive Processing. Download PDF

Zaluzec, Jessica.  The Use of Fear Appeals in Political Advertisements: An Analysis of the 2004 and 2008 Presidential Elections. Download PDF