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Amy Falkow boards boat at Seafarers Yacht Club

Seafarer's Yacht Club

Historical piece on the east coast's oldest African American boating club: the Seafarers' Yacht Club. (Video)

A Digital Story by Rodney Stotts
A story by Rodney Stotts, an ex-drug dealer, falconer and environmentalist, about the trials and tribulations involved in cleaning the dirtiest places. In collaboration with Kady Buchanan. (Video)

A Place on the River
Historical piece on the east coast's oldest African American boating club: the Seafarers' Yacht Club. (Video)

Brainfood. Eat. Learn. Cook.
"[The film] tells the story about our organization that we can share with future students, potential volunteers, funders and board members." (Video)

Connected by Design
A story by Brenda Richardson, her life as an eco-feminist, and her link to the Anacostia. In collaboration with Erika Baumann and Allison Arlotta. (Video)

Making Do With What You Have
A story by Francis Wheeler focusing on growing up in south-eastern Washington DC near the Anacostia River in collaboration with Ted Samuel. (Video)

Restorying the Anacostia
By Emma Boorboor, Danny Peters, Rasheda Kahn (Video)

St. Elizabeths Hospital
Students in the Unseen Unheard course produced a documentary on the historic hospital. (Video)

Looking Both Ways: H.I.P.S.
A profile piece on one DC non-profit that is fighting the AIDS epidemic among transgender citizens. (Video)

Row the Anacostia
A story by Bob "Coach" Day, a lifetime rower, his love for the Anacostia and his after school rowing program. In collaboration with River Finlay. (Video)

A story by Kalin William, her journey from a childhood in Senegal to a young adult in Anacostia, her rediscovery of nature and her life as a conservationist. In collaboration with Laura Franco Velasco. (Video)

Small Moments
A story about Vaughn Perry and his path to becoming an environmentalist, his desire to share the environment with all people, and his quest to build bridges between different social groups. In collaboration with Robin Brown. (Video)

The Digital Story of Gabe Horchler
A story by Gabe Horchler, commuting to work by boat, his love for the Anacostia River, and the pollution of the river. In collaboration with John Napolitano. (Video)