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Community Partners

SOC Nina Shapiro-Perl

From the Director

"In a world of uncertainty, insecurity, anonymity, and mean-spiritedness, our partner organizations create safe places where healing and connectedness become the norm rather than the exception. My students' films provide these wonderful community organizations with new ways of communicating their work using media they might otherwise not afford, while providing students with documentary filmmaking experience in the real world. It's a rich partnership in the truest sense of the word." - Nina Shapiro-Perl, Director, Community Voice Project

Logo for Alexandria Seaport Foundation.

Alexandria Seaport Foundation (Fall 2008)

The Alexandria Seaport Foundation helps youth who are at risk.  Through the building and use of wooden boats, the foundation works to turn their lives around.

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Logo for Anacostia Community Museum.

Anacostia Community Museum (Spring 2010)

The Anacostia Community Museum's mission is to challenge, broaden, generate, and deepen what we know about 'community.'  The museum maintains strong ties with the Anacostia and D.C. Metropolitan region.

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AWS logo

Anacostia Watershed Society

The mission of the Anacostia Watershed Society is to protect and restore the Anacostia River and its watershed communities by cleaning the water, recovering the shores, and honoring the heritage. The vision is to make the Anacostia River and its tributaries swimmable and fishable, in keeping with the Clean Water Act, for the health and enjoyment of everyone in the community. Read more

Wider Circle

A Wider Circle (Spring 2011)

A Wider Circle provides beds, dressers, and other basic items to families moving out of shelters or living in neglected neighborhoods. It also runs after-school programs in low-income schools and teaches health and wellness classes at shelters and public housing facilities.

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Logo for Brainfood.

Brainfood (Fall 2008)

Brainfood is a non-profit in Washington, D.C. that works with youth using food as a tool to build life skills and promote healthy living.

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Logo for Community Bridges.

Community Bridges (Fall 2009-Spring 2010)

"Community Bridges empowers diverse girls to become exceptional students, positive leaders, and healthy young women." -Community Bridges' mission statement

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Logo for Community Council for the Homeless at Friendship Place.

Community Council for the Homeless at Friendship Place (Fall 2009)

Community Council for the Homeless at Friendship Place works with the homeless and the formerly homeless adults of the Northwest area of D.C. to rebuild their lives with the help of the community.

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Logo for DC Youth Orchestra Program.

DC Youth Orchestra Program (Fall 2009)

The DC Youth Orchestra Program accepts all students and provides them with music classes and ensemble training for those who wish to participate.

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Good Jobs Nation! Rebuild the American Dream


We are the workers who are employed by private companies through federal contracts, concessions and leases. We are uniting to call on the federal government to stop being America’s leading poverty job creator by paying us living wages and benefits. Learn more

Logo for HIPS.

HIPS (Spring 2008)

"HIPS' mission is to assist female, male, and transgender individuals engaging in sex work in Washington, DC in leading healthy lives." -HIPS' mission statement

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Logo for IMPACT Silver Spring.

IMPACT Silver Spring (Fall 2008)

Founded in 1999, IMPACT Silver Spring is a community-building organization that works with the diversity of the community in raising their voices with regard to the redevelopment of downtown Silver Spring.

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Logo for Martha's Table.

Martha's Table (Spring 2010)

Working to improve the lives of at-risk children, youth, families and individuals, Martha's Table provides supplies to better their situations.

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Logo for M.O.M.I.E.'s TLC.

Mentors of Minorities in Education Total Learning Cis-Tem (Fall 2014 and Spring 2008)

Mentors of Minorities in Education Total Learning Cis-Tem is a DC-based non-profit organization that works to nurture "the genius" of the children of the community.

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Logo for MCAEL.

Montgomery County Coalition for Adult English Literacy (Spring 2008)

"MCAEL is dedicated to strengthening the county-wide adult English literacy network with resources, training, collaborations and advocacy to support a thriving community and an optimal workforce." -MCAEL mission statement

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Logo for Not In Our Town.

Not In Our Town (Fall 2009-Spring 2010)

Beginning as a PBS documentary about a series of hate crimes in one Montana town, Not In Our Town has become a national movement that works to encourage and connect people who are responding to hate and to build more inclusive communities.

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Logo for Prevent Human Trafficking.

Prevent Human Trafficking (Spring 2008)

Washington, DC- based non-profit Prevent Human Trafficking works to prevent human trafficking in South East Asia.

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Logo for Seafarers Yacht Club.

Seafarers Yacht Club (Fall 2008)

Founded in 1960, the Seafarers Yacht Club of Annapolis, Inc. in addition to being a club for local boats men, provides swimming and boating safety lessons for children of the community.

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Logo for Sitar Arts Center.

Sitar Arts Center (Fall 2008)

Sitar Arts Center brings the community together by providing undeservered children and youth the opportunity to explore and study the visual and performing arts in safe afterschool environment.

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Smith Center for Healing and the Arts logo Community, creativity and cancer support

Smith Center for Healing and the Arts (Fall 2014)

Our mission is to develop and promote healing practices that explore physical, emotional and mental wellness and lead to life-affirming changes. We offer programs for the community and specialize in serving people with cancer and utilizing the arts in healing.

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Logo for Department of Mental Health.

St. Elizabeths Hospital (Fall 2009-Spring 2010)

Established in 1855, St. Elizabeths Hospital is a medical facility that provides to those in need of mental health assistance.

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There and Back Again: Navigating life after war


There & Back Again is a nonprofit organization that supports the well-being of service-members. Our mission is to provide reintegration support services to combat veterans of all conflicts.

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Logo for Unity in the Community.

Unity in the Community (Fall 2009-Spring 2010)

It's the mission of Unity in the Community to promote a unified community, one with a cross-cultural understanding.

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United Planning Organization logo

United Planning Organization

UPO Community action changes people's lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live. The United Planning Organization cares about the entire community, and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other. Read more

Warriors at Ease: The power of mind/body healing


Warriors at Ease brings the healing power of yoga and meditation to military communities around the world, especially those affected by combat-stress, PTSD, and trauma. 

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