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Still from a documentary film about St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington DC, from the course

Student films from the Spring 2010 session of UNSEEN AND UNHEARD: Storytelling in the Other Washington.

St. Elizabeths Hospital Preview Trailer

SOC Unseen and Unheard St. Elizabeths files

Organization: St. Elizabeths Hospital
Filmmakers: Hilary Crowe, Dustin Harrison-Atlas, Chris Hulick, Brad Allgood, Lauren Goldstein and Amanda Yerby

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Giving Them Strength

SOC Unseen and Unheard Giving Them Strength

Organization: Martha's Table
Filmmakers: Emily Booth and Alex Morrison

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The Only People in Town

SOC Unseen and Unheard The Only People in Town

Organization: Anacostia Community Museum
Filmmakers: Dana Fleitman, Kelsey Dickey, Tony Gualtieri, Ouida Maedel

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Inspiring Voices

SOC Unseen and Unheard Inspiring Voices

Organization: Community Bridges
Filmmakers: Katy Daily, Michelle Nelson and Stephanie Vann

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Georgetown South: Community at the Crossroads

SOC Georgetown South

Organization: Georgetown South
Filmmakers: Kayt Jonsson, Casey Nitsch

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