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Discover the World of Communication

Sarah Menke-Fish

Discover the World of Communication
McKinley 237
Washington, DC 20016


“The quality of the projects was clearly evident and whatever choice made amongst the varied options would result in a positive and rewarding experience.”

“The scope of the projects was demanding, but the joy and sense of accomplishment was reflected in the faces of the participants, whether on the screen or during their oral presentations.”

“Many of the students formed bonds that will last long after the program ends, and many others have discovered their passion for their futures.”

“Your work is very important for our young people!”

"My daughter attended two of the SOC summer classes in June, and SHE LOVED them. She learned a lot and enjoyed her time there. She particularly enjoyed learning how to edit video presentations!"

"Claudia loved everything about the program from the classes and professors to the after-hour touring with the resident assistants and teaching assistants."

"The words my daughter uses when people ask her about Discover the World of Communication is that it was a "life-changing experience." She loved every moment and learned so much in the process. There is not a doubt in her mind that American is the best fit for her."



"It’s a summer job that can hardly be considered a job because it’s so fun. I’ve met some of my best friends through DWC and had the most amazing experiences."

"I wish I had the opportunity when I was in high school to explore different fields of communication in such a fun and exciting atmosphere."



"This course has furthered my interest in journalism and the media, and the tools I have gained here will help me in the future. Overall, it was a great experience.”

“Had an awesome two weeks. Great place and great people.”

“The people I met here really changed the way I look at things and I loved everything about this class.”

“I learned a lot about journalism and mass communication, which helped me decide on what I want to focus on in college.”

“I still talk with students in the program—one of my roommates and I are going to get together this summer”

“I got so close to the people in the program. I cried when I left. I never cry.”

"DWC represented a "coming of age" moment in my life as it gave me confidence to make new friends, take academic risks, and to begin to think of life after high school. The engagement and support from the TA's and Professors made the of where to do all of that very easy. I knew that I wanted to attend American University."



"Teaching for Discover is the best part of my year. The students are all so enthusiastic and engaged. It's the perfect way to spend two weeks in the Summer; an education vacation. Just don't tell the students that I get as much out of the experience as they do." –Professor, Greg Smith

“I am fortunate to teach a group of wonderful students here in our communication classes. The students are always excited to be a part of our program and I hope that we will see many former DISCOVER students attend AU and become permanent EAGLES!” –Professor, Gemma Puglisi