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Student Filmmaking Series

SOC Discover Student Filmmaking Series 3

Students in the Filmmaking Series register for two courses: Screenwriting and 16mm Film Production. The first week of the program focuses on developing story ideas into scripts. A variety of topics are covered including the basics of crafting a story, creating characters, formatting a screenplay, and how to use these skills for commercials, narrative and documentary film.

Student Filmmaking Series

In the second week, students transition from scriptwriting to film production. Students learn the basic principles of 16mm production and non-linear editing including film formats and stock, lighting concepts, dual system sound recording, and pre-production planning. The third week of the program is dedicated to production; students rotate through different roles on set to get the most hands-on experience. The final week is all about post-production including editing and promotion. Using Final Cut Pro, students edit the footage in a state of the art computer lab and bring the film to life.

>>> Watch their film: Working Spirit