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FotoWeek DC 2010: Events

SOC Bill Gentile FotoWeek 2010

Camera as Catalyst:  Creating change through the lens of the Magnum Photographer

Peter van Agtmael

Born in Washington DC, Peter graduated with a History degree from Yale. Upon graduation, van Agtmael left for China to document the effects of the Three Gorges Dam as part of the Charles P Howland fellowship. In 2005 van Agtmael photographed the Tsunami and traveled to South Africa to chronicle the AIDS epidemic. Traveling to Iraq in 2006 he photographed the consequences of war both in Iraq and home. In 2008 van Agtmael helped organize Battlespace, an exhibition and book of unseen work from 22 photographers covering Iraq and Afghanistan. Agtmael became a Magnum nominee in 2008.

Sponsored by The Center for Social Media

Positioning the camera on the frontlines of social change, this series of innovative workshops and lectures gets up close and personal with the work of the Magnum Photographer. Learn from the cutting edge, uncompromising and precedent setting work that has set the agenda for photographers worldwide for more than 50 years. As history has been made, they have been there: from Abbas’ photographs of the armed militants outside the US Embassy in Iran, during the diplomat hostage crisis, to Eli Reed’s members of the Nation of Islam standing in the ruins of the Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles, Magnum Photographers document the world around them.  This series recognizes the primary role of the camera as an agent of social change.

 SOC Leena Jayaswal FotoWeek


American University Photography Alumni Exhibition

Join us on Thursday, November 11 for the SOC Photography Concentration’s first larger-than-life building exhibition on McKinley, the future home of SOC. Watch the anthology of photographs, as Professor Kylos Brannon VJ’s this exciting event!

The digital gallery will also be exhibited in SOC, on SOCtube, American University Television (ATV) as well as various locations throughout campus during FotoWeek DC, held November 6-13, 2010. THURS NOVEMBER 11 7:00PM “The Beach” outside MCKINLEY BUILDING

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