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A work of art is something that makes an emotional and aesthetic impression. A film can be aesthetically bold, or deeply personal;it can push new boundaries, or explore old ideas in fresh ways. In this concentration, students will master the tools of the craft such as screenwriting, producing, directing, cinematography, and editing, while approaching stories as an art. They will gain an understanding of the business side of the motion picture industry and explore newer forms of storytelling through gaming and rapidly evolving Internet platforms. "Art in Entertainment" is for students who want to create popular media –whether it is a fiction film, documentary, or television/web series -- that endures.

Degree and Course Requirements

FAQs for Art in Entertainment Concentration

What types of students would be interested in this concentration?

Art in Entertainment should appeal to the student who wants an immersive understanding the interrelationship between the building blocks of cinematic storytelling and the business of show. In short, how to make your narrative fiction pieces look and feel cinematic while understanding how the commerce of creativity determines who gets what to the marketplace.

What type of work do students make in this concentration?

Students in this concentration will get profound exposure in courses from faculty with deep knowledge in both the production of and aesthetics in fiction films and television. They will also have a diverse menu of business related courses that focus on marketing, distribution and production management.

What kinds of internships can students have?

If you want the necessary credentials to advance in these highly competitive companies, you must have meaningful internships on your resume. SOC has a deep Alumni base in addition to our resources in the Career Center to place motivated students with companies that are leaders in their respective fields. Former students have interned and or worked locally at Discovery, Nat Geo as well as Showtime, DreamWorks, Josephson Entertainment, Participant, Wolf Productions, Vertical Ascent, NBC Drama, and Disney Interactive, in Hollywood just to name a few.

What kinds of jobs can students seek upon graduation?

Once you have completed your degree in this concentration you can leverage your own entrepreneurial dreams as a writer, director or producer in your own company. Alternatively our variety of courses, internship opportunities and Alumni networks will give you the requisite skills that entertainment industry companies seek as you navigate these highly competitive fields. You can put your experience to the test as an, Editor, Assistant Editor, UPM, Production Coordinator or Research/Development Coordinator. If your goals are to someday be a decision maker in a media company landing the role of Publicity Assistant, Executive Assistant or Marketing Assistant will show you the particulars ins and outs of these flagship companies.