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Producing Film, Television and Video FAQ

Who/What is a Producer?

A Producer is the creative and business leader of a production. This program provides the knowledge, skills and experience to help you develop, finance, manage, market and distribute content intended for the movie theater, the television screen, online, the boardroom or the classroom. We focus on fiction and on nonfiction / documentary content.

A Producer is a classic entrepreneur who does not have to have a background in the crafts of film or video production or any other experience in the industry. The currency for success for a Producer is an idea and the ability to develop it for the right market. The person who gets the award for “best picture of the year” is the Producer.

How does it work?

All of our courses meet on Saturday. That allows students to maintain their regular professional jobs and go to school. You take one course at a time and two courses over a semester. Each course meets for 6 Saturdays, 9 AM to 5 PM

A new cohort or group of students begins the program every September. They continue together for 20 months and graduate together. This “cohort system” is a very strong and positive aspect of the program. It’s one big support group and source of life-long connections and collaborators.

Students also have access to our Center for Environmental Filmmaking and Center for Media and Social Impact.

Who is the faculty?

Our award-winning (including 2 Oscars) full-time faculty provide expert instruction as well as invaluable mentoring and advising assistance. Our experienced adjuncts are working professionals and sometimes graduates of the program. All faculty bring years of real world professional experience to the classroom.

Where are alumni working?

Our alumni are working at media organizations across the country. Local media organizations include: PBS; Discovery Communications; The Travel Channel; Interface Video; National Geographic Television; Comcast/Universal; and Maryland Public Television. Many other alumni have formed their own production companies and are creating independent content and commissioned programs.

What This Is Not

This is not a film production program that teaches the crafts of filmmaking such as cinematography, lighting, scriptwriting and editing. If a student is interested in the crafts, they should investigate our MA in Film and Video or the MFA in Film and Electronic Media programs.