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Online and Equipment Requirements

Digital Skills

The Center for Teaching, Research and Learning at American University has put together some tips about online learning. Here are some basic technical requirements to keep in mind. Think about where you will be during the course.

Required Equipment

Required Equipment
  • MacBook Pro with iSight camera or equivalently outfitted PC with 8 gigs of RAM (graphic card must have at least 512 mb of VRAM to properly run Adobe CC software). MacBook Pros should run the current OS (Mountain Lion). 
  • Built-in computer mic or separate microphone if your computer doesn't have one and a headset or computer speakers
  • Mobile digital camera (iPhone 4, HD smart phone, flip cam, or GoPro, etc.)
  • You may eventually want to purchase a DSLR for higher quality work.
  • You may eventually want to purchase a higher quality Digital voice recorder (Zoom H4n preferred)
  • External hard drive: You will need to store your media on an external drive, such as a FireWire Media Drive, at least 250 Gigabytes.
  • Audio headsets: You’ll need a good set of audio headsets for field sound recording. The Sony Studio Monitor Series Headphones Model MDR-V300 for $30-50/pair are a good value.
  • If you don’t have a microphone with your computer than you’ll need a head/microphone set for synchronized classes
  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch for content delivery testing
Recommended Equipment
  • Memory cards 16gbs or larger (as needed for projects with DSLRs)
Required Software 
  • Bluehost.com (can be purchased at the beginning of Web Development)
Recommended Subscriptions
  • Vimeo Plus
  • Flickr Pro
  • Skype Premium