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Digital Media Skills Capstone Projects


The Capstone is the final course in the certificate program. Students work closely with a faculty member to create a short digital media project or website as well as a professional portfolio that highlights the variety of skills learned in the program. In the past, students in the Capstone class have created projects for clients such as National Geographic. The course also invites a series of guest speakers, who are working professionals in the field, to share their career experiences during live sessions.

Fall 2013 Capstone Projects

Bethany Fraser
Create a socially conscious website to bring public awareness to the 2.7 million children with incarcerated parents in the United States. Provide links for resources (i.e. Sesame Street new tool kit) and a space for acceptance and sharing. By building awareness and encouraging empathy, the website will share a positive meeting space for all invisible impacted victims of incarceration. She will build the site in WordPress. Her advocacy work has already been featured in the Rolling Stones and the Washington Post.

Maha Masud
Client: Center for Social Media
Maha Masud's capstone project will be an app built for the Center for Social Media's Pull Focus video interview series. Currently, the Pull Focus interviews live on the CSM website. The proposed app will create an organized and easy-to-search format for users to find and view the video interviews, with a focus on the content's goal to highlight media's impact on social issues. Maha's tasks will include planning the structure of the app, its design and functionality. This will be a WordPress-driven mobile app, with the goal to publish on the Apple App Store.

Kelly Thomas
Kelly will be working with two clients!
Clients: Investigative Reporting Workshop and Struggle and Hope (Kari Barber)

Kelly will be producing edited video from 12 minutes of raw footage focusing on climate change for the Investigative Reporting Workshop. She will also be creating a dynamic Google Map for Struggle and Hope, an interactive oral history project about the significance, importance, and legacy of Oklahoma's all-black towns. This map will be built so that producers on the team can easily add to it in the future, as well as create unique pages for each location without knowledge of code.

Peggy Aulino
Client: Robert Rubinsky (performance artist)
Robert wants a web page that will be part of his high-concept performance art. The goal is to parody the modern age of "branding" while at the same time becoming a brand. Robert's alter ego, Bobby, the subject of the website, is a celebrity wannabe: He is behind the times but desperate to appear hip. Robert believes Bobby appeals to an audience of people who appreciate absurdism. For this project, I will create a dynamic WordPress website for Robert's alter ego, Bobby. The client wants it to include a blog, and he also wants the site to have pages that will house photos and videos of Bobby. He wants to be able to add other pages to the site as his persona evolves. The entire project will be in the voice of Bobby, as part of the performance art.

Semhal Tekeste
Client: Girls Gotta Run

Semhal will be increasing the web presence, visibility and user friendliness of the Girls Gotta Run website. In addition, she will be creating a themed image package with Photoshop designed to fit with their fall campaigns. She will also be developing a short video using existing footage. This will be a responsive design to existing site, with branding package and video!

Caroline Weaver
Client: Chris Palmer, professor, documentary filmmaker, author, public speaker
Caroline will be creating a dynamic website for Chris to publicize his film work, writing, and speaking engagements.
The site will be constructed in a way that allows Chris to make content updates in the future.

Lauren Wells
Client: NED - No Evidence of Disease (Spark Media)

Lauren will be revamping the website for "No Evidence of Disease," a documentary about six GYN surgeons who form a rock band to raise awareness. From their copy: "No Evidence of Disease, the words every patient dreams to hear, interweaves the harrowing experiences and remarkable courage of women, devoted families, and dedicated doctors. As music and medicine join forces in the fight for life, the surgeons are transformed into rising rock stars, and their patients and loved ones jump on the bandwagon, infusing the struggle for survival with heart, hope and Rock 'n' Roll." Lauren's work will include tailoring a new WordPress theme to the organization's needs, producing new pages, and making the site responsive to accommodate a growing mobile audience.


Pam Willenz inspired by her video podcast success from Video for Social Media, built out a dynamic website for her web series on juicing: 

Chris Campbell produced a responsive website for his client Time Wise Schools:  

Jeanne Boardman produced a website for the forthcoming American Museum of Peace: