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Digital Media Student Work


The Certificate includes courses in Video for Social Media, Web Development, Dynamic Content (such as iApps) and developments in the current digital landscape. Students will create a capstone project that can be used as a career calling card.

Cinemagraphs from the class "Digital Media Literacy"

Cinemagraphs are animated gifs that are photos with isolated movement. In this assignments, students learn how to shoot video, edit and animate using Adobe Photoshop.

By Jeanne Boardman

By Kelly Martin

By Terry Edwards

Student Websites from the class "Web Development"

The students' websites were built on a responsive CSS framework called Skeleton, which changes the layout of their content depending on whether their site is viewed on a tablet, smartphone, or computer. In most instances, students wrote custom styles targeted to each type of device to ensure that their content was presented in the best possible way. Most all of the students used CSS3 style rules and incorporated jQuery plugins to present their photographs, videos, and/or graphics in a slideshow or HTML5 video player.

Margaret Taylor | Christal Bunch | Chris Campbell | Kelly Martin | Kim Klyberg

Student Work from the class "Dynamic Content"

Mobile Web Apps

Bite Me (Maha Masud)
Positek Lite (Pam Willenz)
Washingtonian Healthy Recipes (Chris Campbell)
USAF F-22 Demo Team (Sachel Samone)

Dynamic Websites

Kelly Martin - Art Direction & Design | Kim Klyberg | Meg Taylor

More Work

Student Aditi Desai films Ecoviews, a program developed for Maryland Public Television. Photo by Shanon Sparks.

Check out more work from Film and Media Arts students, faculty and alumni.

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After Images and Biographic Movie Posters from the class "Digital Media Literacy"

After Images are the second creative assignment in the Digital Media Skills and Literacy class. In this assignment they learn how to apply creative techniques using Adobe Photoshop to original photographs shot by each student. Autobiographic Movie Posters are a chance for students to apply their creativity to create an original movie poster starring them! Students shoot the images themselves and composite the movie poster in Adobe Photoshop.

Paul Barrett 'Comida Rapida'









By Bailey Roberts

Chris Campbell after image









By Chris Campbell

Pam Willenz After Image









By Pam Willenz