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Greatest Scene Ever Resources and Trivia Answer

Greatest Scene Ever Trivia Answer

D. It's up to you!


Learn more about the shows

Alfred Hitchcock Resources

A great site for info on the Master of Suspense.

Film Techniques of Alfred Hitchcock. Jeff Bays. A great selection of articles and information.

An informative article by David Lehman dissecting Hitchcock’s vision of America as portrayed in his films.

A list of the 25 most influential directors of all time: Hitchcock tops the list. See if you agree.

A Vanity Fair article published on the 100th anniversary of Hitchcock’s birth. Good reading.

Film Noir Resources

History of Film Noir

Great Film Noir Actors/Actress

Double Indemnity

Maltese Falcon

LA Confidential

Rooms Resources

This article discusses production difficulties and reasons why "12 Angry Men" was not a commercial success when it was released in 1957.

Click here If you are really interested in "12 angry Men" being performed on stage by "12 Angry Women."

In the video here, filmmakers remade Rear Window to show all the action happening at the same time. It's quite a project.

This article discusses the best Hitchcock films as chosen by ten film directors including Stephen Frears and Joe Wright.

Check this site out if you are thinking about getting your own Panic Room.

All things Alfred Hitchcock

Ebert review of 12 Angry Men

Tips from Panic Room director David Fincher 

The relevance of Rear Window

Comprehensive website about 12 Angry Men director Sidney Lumet 

Holiday Resources

A list of Christmas films  

Finding Christmas in Christmas Movies that Aren't About Christmas  

Robert Osborne picks his five favorite holiday films  

Must-Watch Classic Holiday Films, from The Examiner website 

Article examining “Music in Film: the 10 best Christmas movie soundtracks of all time”

Car Chases Resources

This article describes 33 ways that William Friedkin’s “The French Connection” has or should influence filmmakers.

All three clips from this episode made Time Magazine’s list of the top 15 car chases of all time.

To learn more about the physics involved with filming elaborate car chases, check out this scientific overview of “The French Connection.”

Check out this article for an in-depth look at how Bullitt was filmed.

The idiot’s guide to the Bourne movies.

How dynamic chase scenes are filmed.

Shooting a low budget chase scene.

Popular Mechanic’s top 10 car chases 

A crash course in the Hollywood science of car chases

Countdown Resources

“Woman: The Other Alien in Alien”

For Conservative Movie Lovers: Ian Fleming, Sean Connery, and ‘Goldfinger’ Part 6

Antibiotic resistant bugs: When Where, and Why?

Stop the Clocks! Time and Narrative in Cinema

2013 Oscars Resources

Here is some info on the history of the Academy Awards:

Irish Film Resources

*All of these articles need a jstor subscription.  

Lorraine Piroux: "I'm Black an' I'm proud. Reinventing Irishness in Roddy Doyle's The Commitments."

Mary McGlynn: "Why Jimmy wears a suit:white, black, and working class in The Commitments."

Michael Patrick Gillespie: "The Myth of hidden Ireland: The corrosive effect of place in The Quiet Man."

Michael Patrick Gillespie: "The Direction of Irish Film"

Disaster Film Resources

A list of Disaster-themed films.

A discussion of types of Disaster films and why filmmakers make them.

A list of box office grosses for various Disaster films.

Office Film Resources

The Best Movies About Offices

CNN’s Josh Lubin on Office-related movies and their importance to film history

Some great Office-related film clips


Funny Halloween Resources

From IMDb: The usual breakdown of the film's elements for "Ghost Busters"

From Top 50 scariest movies of all time

From the International Business TImes: The 11 worst Halloween film remakes


Title Sequences Resources

A great website featuring title sequences.

An article from The Economist about the lack of good title sequences in recent films.

Another great website devoted to Title Sequences, with good browsing and cross-referenceing.


Prison Films

Site listing great prison-related films.

Another list, with explanations of each within the genre.

And ten absorbing films about prison life.

Troubled Cops

Here are some academic links that will take you deeper into today's topic:


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