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Greatest Scene Ever Show Archive

The Western

SOC GSE The Western

The Western defined an expanding America through dusty towns, Indian raids and law by the barrel of a six-gun.

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The American Comedy

SOC Greatest Scene Ever Wedding Crashers

The American Comedy has allowed us, as a nation, to shine a light on what we think is funny, and to poke fun at everyone who’s not us.

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Alfred Hitchcock

SOC GSE Alfred Hitchcock

From the director who gave us pulse pounding thrillers, crazed killers and elegantly crafted mysteries, Hitchcock stands as a challenge to every filmmaker who came after him.

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Political Films

SOC Greatest Scene Ever Political Films

Political films give expression to our anxieties about the people we trust to run our country, our states and our towns.  They hold a mirror up to our government, our history and how we see ourselves as constituents and voters.

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Films of Russell Williams

Russell Williams, artist in residence, holding his Oscar and Emmy awards

Professor Russell Williams has been in the business over 35 years. He's been a part of some of Hollywood’s biggest box office successes and most notable films, including Glory, Dances With Wolves and Training Day.

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Science Fiction

SOC Greatest Scene Ever Science Fiction

Technology goes haywire, monsters run amok and astounding visuals boldly take us where no man has gone before. What better way to give light to the questions of the future than through film, and what better genre than science fiction.

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Football Films

SOC Greatest Scene Ever Sports

Get ready for the gridiron as we go fourth and long and look at a cinematic sports subgenre: the football film.

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Film Noir

SOC GSE Film Noir tout

It’s a show…see? A show about scenes…scenes that make a man wish he’d thought twice about blowing all his dough on the wrong dame. And you’ll watch if you don’t want to end up on the wrong side of a forty five, or wearing size ten concrete golashes.

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Worst Scene Ever

SOC GSE Worst Scene Ever

There are good films, and bad films, and films that are so bad they’re good. But what about those films that are just bad? No redeeming value whatsoever. Some of them have ended up here, on a special edition of Greatest Scene Ever.

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Music Plot

SOC GSE Music Plot The Wonders

Music goes to the movies! Plot is at the core of these music films. Among our selections: Tom Hanks tribute to the Beatles, Val Kilmer’s transformation, and a rockumentary, or more specifically, a mock-umentary as we “tap” into our inner Stonehenge.

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SOC Greatest Scene Ever Rooms

Greatest Scene Ever explores clips where the action takes place almost entirely in one room! Jodie Foster in the 2002 thriller Panic Room, Jimmy Stewart in Hitchcock's suspenseful Rear Window (pictured above), and the stage play turned dramatic film 12 Angry Men.

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Holiday Films

SOC GSE Holiday Films

Greatest Scene Ever stands under the mistletoe and puckers up for "Holiday Films." Good cheer, good scenes and a visit from Santa and a slightly disturbing elf. Ho ho ho!

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Car Chases

SOC GSE Car Chases tout

In this episode, Paul and Greg live on the wild side by exploring some of the best car chases in the business. Steve McQueen gets rough and tough in Bullitt, Matt Damon faces off with the CIA in the Bourne Supremacy and Gene Hackman wins the Oscar for Best Actor in The French Connection.

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SOC GSE Countdown tout

As soon as those numbers start ticking down, the tension builds, you start breathing faster and clenching your teeth, willing the characters to move faster! GSE looks at Countdowns.

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2013 Oscars

Several academy awards

The statues have been handed out and Greatest Scene Ever reviews the winners, the losers, and the stories surrounding this year's ceremony.

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Irish Films

SOC GSE Boondock Saints

This episode of Greatest Scene Ever journeys to the Emerald Isle and examines films that possess a strong Irish influence. These films celebrate a uniquely Irish spirit and use that celebration to tell dramatic and engaging stories.

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Disaster Films

SOC GSE Disaster Films

Terror! Mayhem! Jump Cuts! Disaster movies! These are the films that always get your adrenalin going because no matter what, a part of you is always wondering: Could it happen to me? What would I do? Did I turn off the oven before I left the house?

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Office Films

SOC GSE Office Space

In this episode of Greatest Scene Ever, we’re looking at three films that struck cinematic gold in a middle of cube-farms. So sharpen your pencils, fill out your TPS reports and get ready for Greatest Scene Ever: Office films!

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Title Sequences

GSE Title Sequences Show Archive

In this episode of the Greatest Scene Ever, we'll take a look at title sequences, and their impact on films. Find out the purpose and how it can change your viewing experience.

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Funny Halloween Films

Still from the movie Ghostbusters

Co-hosts Kylos Brannon and Greg Smith look at what happens when horror meets humor.

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