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NBC Washington Picks Up "Stage Fright"

Stage Fright has been chosen to premiere next Fall on NBC4's website. Directed by Claudia Myers, produced by Kylos Brannon, shot by Larry Engel, and written, edited and crewed by AU students, it tells the tale of a haunted D.C. community theater.

Award-Winning Work

Professors Claudia Myers and Kylos Brannon attended the LAWEBFEST with Stage Fright (the webseries they produced in conjunction with NBC4) and took home three awards - Outstanding Comedy Series, Director, and Theme Song.


Catch Stage Fright on the NBC Washington website starting October 10

Stage Fright is a ten-part ghost comedy web series that was developed, written, shot and edited as a collaboration between students and faculty in the course "Creating Webisodes" taught by professors Claudia Myers and Kyle Brannon.

Stage Fright is scheduled to run on the NBC Washington website beginning on October 10. NBC will roll out one episode per day (M-F) over a two-week period. The show will be up in its entirety after October 21st and remain on the site through Halloween and beyond.

THE STORY: A Washington DC community theater undertakes to stage a production of Our American Cousin – the play that was being performed when President Lincoln was assassinated. The passionate but moderately talented cast and crew have their work cut out for them: the show is under-funded, the material is dated -- and now they discover the production is haunted. They band together to discover the identity of the ghost, but can they get rid of it before opening night?