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COMM 100: Understanding Media

Course Description: 

Course description: Building on students' individual and collective experiences of mass media (print, film, radio, television, and digital media), this course analyzes American media institutions: their development and social role; the economic and political constraints they face; and their effect on us as a society and as individuals. Usually offered every term.

Comments from COMM 100 professor Scott Talan: Video has power. Combining moving images with sound, and sometimes text, is an unbeatable communication format. Learning video is key for future communication professionals. This past fall, AU-SOC Students were part of an eight to ten person video production squad in class. They were tasked with creating, shooting, editing and posting a 'media message' video on You Tube. Why You Tube? After Google it is #2 for search. This means if your organization, school, cause, candidate, etc. does not have a video channel on You Tube you can't be searched and found and literally don't exist. The goal of this assignment is to have students learn about video from the perspective of a producer and presenter and become video literate in a professional context. In addition, they will have a product they can show and share with friends, family and prospective employers. Students created these videos about American's School of Communication for an audience or potential students and are some of the best from Comm 100 Understanding Media. Enjoy.

Examples of Student Work

For more work from this class, visit their YouTube page

Finding the SOC

SOC student work Finding the SOC

Watch video

Life at AU

SOC student work Life at AU

Watch video

Who Will You Be at SOC?

SOC student work Who Will You Be?

Watch video

AUSOC, Your Next Destination

SOC student work AUSOC Your Next Destination

Watch video

AUSOC-Where the Media Matters

SOC student work OsborneSantoro

Watch video