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Communication Minor Degree and Course Requirements


Degree Requirements

  • 18 credit hours with grades of C or better with at least 12 credit hours unique to the minor

Course Requirements

  • COMM-100 Understanding Media 4:1 (3)
  • COMM-200 Writing for Mass Communication (3)
  • Two courses from the following:

COMM-301 Public Relations (3)

COMM-310 Public Speaking (3)

COMM-320 Reporting (3)

COMM-322 Editorial Policies and Methods (3)

COMM-325 Feature Article Writing (3)

COMM-330 Principles of Photography (3)

COMM-331 Film and Video Production I (3)

COMM-435 Introduction to Studio Television (3)

COMM-470 Organizational Communication (3)

COMM-521 Opinion Writing (3)

  • Two courses from the following:

COMM-401 Communication Law (3)

COMM-503 Broadcast Operations and Management (3)

COMM-508 The Media and Government (3)

COMM-509 Politics and the Media (3)

COMM-511 History of Documentary (3)

COMM-514 Censorship and Media (3)

COMM-515 Children, Youth & Digital Culture (3)

COMM-517 History of Cross-Cultural Cinema (3)

COMM-527 History of Photography (3)

COMM-545 Business and Economic Journalism (3)

COMM-558 Survey of American Cinema (3)

COMM-596 Selected Topics (3) with permission of the student’s advisor