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SOC International Media Haiti Beyond Borders group

AU-graduate Pascalie Belony (far left in hat) of Beyond Borders works with Haitians on one of the group's initiatives.

International Media Speaker Series Hosts David Diggs

“We are all about creating movements, not just creating projects,” said David Diggs, the founder of the non-governmental organization Beyond Borders in a presentation to American University students on April 17.

The International Media program hosted Diggs who focused his talk around the work of his NGO in Haiti.

A small but eager group of students peppered Diggs with questions about how they could get involved in the work of Beyond Borders.

Diggs’ belief about catalyzing movements means Beyond Borders works at the grassroots level in Haiti and integrates its work with Haitian partners to make the societal change it seeks sustainable even without continued NGO support.  The movements that Beyond Borders works to inspire in Haiti include:  ending child slavery; ending the cycle of violence against women and girls; guaranteeing the right of universal education; and supporting sustainable livelihoods.

The International Media Speakers Series extended an invitation to Diggs to highlight the development work of Beyond Borders in Haiti, a geographic area that often suffers from cycles of interest tied to disaster relief.  During the session, Diggs also spoke about the opportunities for students in paid and unpaid internships to become part of these movements to help Haiti.  He also noted how the Beyond Borders office sometimes serves as a nexus for helping students connect to classes to learn Creole or to discover the world of Haitian artisans.

To learn more about Diggs, Beyond Borders and his missions, the NGO’s website can be found here:

And for more on the speaker’s series, please go here: