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Meet the 2015 JoLT Fellows

Cherisse Datu

Cherisse Datu is a JoLT Fellow

Raised on the U.S. territory of Guam and a first-generation Filipina-American, Cherisse gravitated to video games at an early age. Taking to heart the stories from Legend of Zelda to the puzzle solutions of Professor Layton, she has acknowledged that the best experiences and interactions are invariably tied to honest and creative storytelling. She describes herself as a “full-time nerd” and “happiest when creating.”

Working with Al Jazeera English’s social media program, The Stream, Cherisse has seen traditional broadcast news change and innovate within the span of a few years. From taking part in independent films to editing for Al Jazeera’s international news network, Cherisse is intensely familiar in the technical aspects of broadcast news and creative media works. As the lead video editor on The Stream, she has a strong foundation in journalism and social media.

From creating digital content to maintaining broadcast visualizations, her work with The Stream has produced several awards, some of which include a 2012 Emmy Nomination for New Approaches to News & Documentary Programming, a 2013 Gracie Award for Outstanding News Talk Show, and most recently, a 2014 Webby People's Voice Award for News and Politics: Series. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Media Arts from American University. Full of ideas, as a JoLT fellow, she plans to create new ways for people to engage in media while offering honest and sincere content.

Kelli Dunlap

Kelli Dunlap is a 2014 JoLT Fellow

Kelli Dunlap holds a doctorate in clinical psychology with a focus on technology and mental health. She has been published in the Games for Health journal for her work at the Washington, D.C. Veterans Affairs hospital and was awarded a $10,000 scholarship for her work in gaming and mental health. She has spoken on panels at several national conventions on the intersection of technology and mental health and given presentations to fellow mental health professionals on video games, social media ethics, and parenting in the digital age. 

Her doctoral dissertation examined the variables moderating the relationship between mental health and video games and was the first research of its kind observing gamers' play habits in natural, everyday settings. In addition to her academic pursuits, Kelli is an active member of the gamer community and was recognized by Microsoft in 2013 and 2014 for her expertise in the Xbox product area. She is the co-owner of an eSports website and regularly presents at game convention on topics including community management, eSports, and charity work in the gaming community.

Joyce Rice

Joyce Rice is a JoLT Fellow

Joyce Rice is an expert illustrator and interactive designer who specializes in sequential storytelling, interactive content, and publication design. She's the cofounder and Creative Director of Symbolia, a media organization that crafts intriguing narratives that merge illustration and interactivity with top-notch journalism. In addition to publishing a bimonthly digital magazine, Symbolia works with a variety of media partners including American Public Media and the L.A. News Group.

Joyce has been publishing comics, fiction and nonfiction, for ten years. Her work has appeared in Columbia Journalism Review, Yes! Magazine, and L.A. News Group publications. Her work has been written about in FastCo., Poynter, and other outlets, and she has spoken about the intersection of comics and journalism at Cusp Conference, the Michigan State University Comics Forum, and other venues.

She's passionate about experimental storytelling and believes gamification will play a big role in the future of news media. She's very excited to begin applying deeper principles of game design to interactive visual narratives and to the way we produce media in our culture. You can find her on Twitter as @teenyrobots.