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Students who take this specialty see their journalism in the international sphere. They want to report from international locations, from U.S. locations about international topics, or, for internationally based media organizations such as Al Jazeera, the BBC and others. With a base in Washington, D.C. where almost every country in the world has an embassy, our program is ideally situated to help students integrate international aspects into their journalism.

Students in this specialty take courses that show how the media interact with foreign policy, how they can conduct investigative reporting on global topics, and how international viewpoints can be included in their reporting even if they are based in the United States. International organizations such as the Organization of American States and the World Health Organization have key bases of operation in Washington, D.C., as do other international organizations. Students from our program have also gone on to conduct journalistic projects in Europe and other international locations.

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COMM-648: Topics in International Media: Propaganda

The course explores modern and historical, with an emphasis on propaganda in democracies, emerging media in international relations, and resistance to propaganda. Research projects include documenting soft power/soft revolution politics, today's propaganda systems, relevant social science research, intelligence agencies and self-deception, and exploiting mainstream media. . Prerequisite: minimum 2.5 GPA.

COMM-600: International Investigative Journalism

This course dives into the history and trends in international investigative reporting, where journalists are uncovering government and corporate corruption, human rights abuses, environmental degradation, and threats to health and safety. Students learn investigative techniques and complete a semester-long project. Prerequisite: admission to the journalism program or permission of the division director.

COMM-548: Global Journalism

The critical issues facing journalists and the news media on a global scale. Examines diversity of international news media and focuses on trends such as the power and influence of global media moguls, the threats of violence and detention that confront journalists around the world, and the role of the news media in the process of political change.

COMM-546: Foreign Policy and the Press

The role of the American news media in the coverage of foreign policy issues. Philosophical issues include whether freedom of the press is adequately exercised in the foreign policy field and whether the national media sometimes serve as propagandists for the United States government. Students should be prepared to engage in adversarial debates over key issues.