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MA in Journalism & Public Affairs Degree and Course Requirements

Journalism Boot Camp

The first course in the graduate Journalism program is COMM-624 Boot Camp for Journalists. Although students are officially admitted to the program for the fall semester, all graduate Journalism students are enrolled as non-degree students during the summer while in Boot Camp. In AY 2014-15, the class meets July 28–Aug. 15, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Students write, report, and produce for a variety of media platforms – print, online, radio, and television. The importance of convergence training as well as the fundamentals of critical thinking, news judgment, interviewing, ethics, and fact checking are stressed in Boot Camp and throughout the entire program. And when the industry changes, whether it involves new technology or methods of delivery, you can be assured that our classes will reflect those changes. A minimum grade of B (3.0) is required to move on to the full program in the fall.

This course is valued at 3 credits and is billed accordingly. Federal financial aid may not be used for this class because, although it does count toward the 33-hour program, students must register in a non-degree status because it falls outside the usual academic calendar. The University Student Accounts Office may be contacted for individualized payment plans.

Course Requirements

Required SOC Courses (15 Credit Hours)

COMM-624 Boot Camp for Journalists (3)

COMM-724 Reporting on Public Affairs (3)

COMM-621 Online News Production (3)

COMM-601 Communication Law (with a grade of "B" or better) (3)**

Capstone (3 Credit Hours - Choose 1 of the following)

  • COMM-720 Capstone Seminar in Journalism (3)
  • COMM-725 In-Depth Broadcast Production Capstone (3)

Specialties - Choose either Investigative, International, or Broadcast

Investigative Journalism Specialty (9 Credit Hours; 3 courses)

COMM-500 Investigative Journalism Practicum (3)** Application Required

COMM-600 International Investigative Reporting (3)

COMM-501 Data Driven Journalism

COMM-502 In-Depth Journalism (3)

COMM-648 Topics in International Media: Propaganda (3)

International Journalism Specialty (9 Credit Hours; 3 courses)

COMM-600 International Investigative Reporting (3)

COMM-548 Global Journalism (3)

COMM-546 Foreign Policy and the Press (3)

Broadcast Journalism Specialty (9 Credit Hours; 3 courses)

COMM-721 Digital Audio Production (3)

COMM-632 Backpack Video Journalism (3)

COM-722 Advanced Television and Video Production (3)


Possible Electives (9 Credit Hours - Choose 3 of the following)

COMM-503 Broadcast and Multi-Media Journalism Mgt (3)

COMM-504 Journalism Ethics (3)

COMM-509 Politics and the Media (3)

COMM-514 Censorship and Media (3)

COMM-521 Opinion Writing (3)

COMM-522 Writing for Convergent Media (3)

COMM-535 Fundamentals of News Design (3)

COMM-535 Health, Science & Environmental Reporting (3)

COMM-544 Foreign Correspondence (3)

COMM-545 Business & Economic Journalism (3)

COMM-588 Race, Ethnic & Community Reporting (3)

COMM-633 Broadcast Delivery (3)

COMM-637 Multimedia Storytelling (3)

COMM-691 Graduate Internship (One 3-credit internship is allowed in the MA program)

*Course requirements are subject to change

**Required for all tracks