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The News Games

the news games


The News Games are part of a coordinated effort to highlight the importance of staying engaged with the news coordinated by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. AU is one of dozens of universities and news organizations in 41 states and DC that are participating.

The book 'Adrift' After College: How Graduates Fail published by the University of Chicago Press, highlights the value to students of staying current with the news. A Chronicle of Higher Education review highlights five basic characteristics of 2009 graduates still found to be adrift. One of them is rarely keeping up with the news or current events: About one-third read newspapers online or in print on a daily basis. Only 16 percent discussed politics and public affairs with a family member or friends daily."


OCTOBER 4, 2016
$500 in prize money

Can your knowledge of current events make you the AU News Games champion, and earn you a cash prize? Field a team in this campus-wide news quiz challenge and find out.

The News Games winners will be chosen through a live, news quiz program, hosted by American University alum and anchorman Derek McGinty, Tuesday Oct. 4, at 5:30 p.m. in McKinley’s Media Innovation Lab. The program will be shot in front of a live audience in studio and streamed to screens across campus. Prizes will be awarded to top teams.


Each self-selected team will be comprised of two AU students. Team members can come from any AU academic discipline, and can represent clubs, AU schools, athletic teams, dormitories, programs, a shared hometown, etc.