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Faculty Work Gallery

SOC Journalism Faculty Work Gallery

Faculty Work Gallery

Check out recent faculty work from the Journalism department.

Featured Work

Prof. Jane Hall on Watergate Anniversary

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Journalism Professor Jane Hall appeared on CNN's "Reliable Sources" to speak about the anniversary of Watergate.

Recent Work

New Faculty Bring Expertise to SOC

SOC Corinne Hoare

As the 2012 fall semester gets underway, SOC welcomes four new term faculty, including a Fulbright fellow and a White House spokesperson for budget issues, each of whom brings professional experience and expertise to the classroom.

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The Foreigner with a Gun

Angie Chuang

“The media is grasping at whatever it can to explain the unexplainable,” says Professor Angie Chuang. “In the case with shooters of Asian descent, or any other minority ethnicity that comes from an immigrant background, we see the media not look at the individual, but instead look at the shooter’s community as being somehow responsible."

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