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Professor Joe Campell's New Book, <em>Getting It Wrong</em>

OC Joe Campbell new book at the Newseum

Inside Media Myths

The Newseum's John Maynard interviewed SOC Prof. W. Joseph Campbell about his new book: Getting it Wrong: 10 of the greatest misreported stories in American journalism.

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Campbell is a journalism professor who has covered national and foreign affairs for several newspapers and the Associated Press, and was nominated three times for a Pulitzer Prize. He teaches across American University's journalism curriculum. Among the many courses he has taught at AU are "Media Myth and Power," "Foreign Policy and the Press," and "Seminar in Public Affairs." He holds a PhD from the University of North Carolina. See Campbell's full profile.

Getting It Wrong debunks 10 prominent media-driven myths, among them several of the most cherished stories American journalism tells about itself. Media-driven myths are stories about and/or by the news media that are widely believed and often retold, but which, under scrutiniy, prove to be apocryphal or wildly exaggerated. These include the notion that the news media brought down Richard Nixon's corrupt presidency, ended Sen. Joseph McCarthy's anti-communist witchhunt, and fomented the Spanish-American War.

Joe Campbell's Book Getting It Wrong

Book events

November 18Smithsonian Associates program, Washington, DC, 6:45 - 8:30 p.m.
November 11Interview posted at
November 10Inaugural Parker-Qualls lecture in communications at University of North Alabama
November 9 — National Press Club Book Fair and Authors' Night, National Press Club
November 4Lecture at University of Maryland's College of Journalism
October 28“Books and Beyond” program at Library of Congress
October 23 — "Classes without quizzes" at American University's "All-American Weekend"
October 20 — National Press Club panel discussion, "Social Media and Journalism Standards"
October 18Books and Banter discussion club, Rosslyn, VA
October 9Interview on "Pajamas Media Political" radio program
October 6 — “Faculty on the road” event for American University alumni in Seattle
September 9Interview on the Ray Dunaway show on WTIC 1080 talk radio in Hartford
August 6 — Book talk at Tattered Cover book store, Denver
August 5Interview on Leonard Lopate show, WNYC radio
August 1Interview with Brian Lamb on C-SPAN's Q&A program. Watch video
July 7
— Book talk at Busboys and Poets
June 30 — In-studio interview on Lanigan & Malone show, Cleveland
June 29Book talk with American University alumni in the Cleveland area
June 26Book talk at Oberlin Bookstore, Oberlin, OH
June 19Book launch at the Newseum
June 17 — Interview, “Regret the Error” online column, Columbia Journalism Review
June 2 — Interview, NPR’s “On Point” program