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CNN Anchor Jake Tapper and SOC professor Jane Hall speak in front of an audience of students.

Storytelling for the Digital Age

Real stories, told well, can create change, extend knowledge and compel action.

The AU School of Communication's accredited journalism programs build your professional skill base in writing, editing, and production and deliver a solid foundation in scholarly research, communication law, and journalism ethics. You'll sharpen your digital reporting and storytelling abilities across audio, video, mobile, and online platforms.

Here in the nation's capital—where local news is national news—or even international news, our students have unprecedented opportunities to report on our nation's policy makers and global thought leaders and to work side by side with top media outlets.  

Our extensive creative and academic resources are tremendous assets; from our renowned research centers that leverage the vast experience of our faculty to our state-of-the-art video, audio, and film studios and equipment that will give you direct reporting experience to allow you to showcase your own work. The School of Communication's Media Production Center features an HD-equipped television studio, a broadcast newsroom with the Associated Press's ENPS, and editing suites for digital audio and video. Our Media Innovation Lab is high-tech and high-touch, well-equipped for showcasing the work of students and faculty alike.

We leverage our long-standing relationships with the likes of NPR, NBC, CNN, CBS, Vox, National Geographic, Bloomberg BNA, USA TODAY, and The Washington Post to provide you with exceptional internship, fellowship and career opportunities. The stories our students and alumni tell have an impact that reverberates across our city and across the globe. Join them.

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Finding Inspiration among the Mines in Laos

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Investigative Reporting in a Shifting Landscape

Investigative reporting is journalism's greatest strong suit.

Winning the Merriman Award for excellence in broadcast writing, visual storytelling, and reporting is a milestone for Jordan Houston. As a graduate assistant at the Investigative Reporting Workshop, she wrote about topics critical to journalism's shifting landscape. She believes investigative reporting has the power to expose hypocrisy, hold powerful individuals and institutions accountable, spark reform, and ultimately, change lives. Later this year, she will continue her work covering water contamination in the U.S., an issue that resonates across the country.

Journalism profession John Watson teaching a classroom of students

MA in Journalism & Public Affairs

Focus your career in investigative, broadcast, or international journalism.

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A student photographs a protestor in latin America

MA in Journalism & Digital Storytelling

Take your career to the next level by learning new ways to share stories and create impact with technology.

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Two student anchors during filming of District Wire news show

BA in Journalism

Start your career with an impressive multimedia portfolio and a strong set of skills in writing and reporting.

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Investigative Reporting Workshop. Over 80 investigations since 2009. Partners include Showtime, Frontline, NBC, and the Washington Post.