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Journalism | Learning Outcomes

BA in Journalism

  • Explain the values, customs, laws, and practices of professional journalists.
  • Describe the role of journalism in a diverse, increasingly global society.
  • Explain the impact that rapid, continuing technological change has on both the profession and on society.
  • Demonstrate the capability for critical reasoning and analysis of complex issues in the media and society.
  • Demonstrate the skills necessary to successfully perform the tasks expected of a beginning reporter, editor or producer.


MA in Journalism

  • Define the key ethical issues and legal guidelines facing journalists.
  • Describe the role and context of media in democracy and in global society, including the rapidly changing industry and the impact of emergent media.
  • Demonstrate multiple digital skill sets and can apply them across varied platforms
  • Publish or air professional quality work in the news industry through internships and/or a deadline-driven news outlet.
  • Report, write, and edit an accurate, balanced and complete news story in long-form print, online and radio style.