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Student Work Gallery

SOC NASA space journalism student work

Let There Be Light

Student Julia Broemmel produced a documentary for her backpack journalism class on the James Webb Space Telescope, NASA's successor to the Hubble Telescope, which will see back in time almost to the beginning of the Universe.

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International reporting Delivers Provocative Projects

Left to right American University School of Communication dean Jeff Rutenbeck, PhD student Kara Andrade, graduating senior Julia Boccagno, and Eric Hershberg, director of the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies. Photo by Bill Gentile.

Journalism students Kara Andrade and Julia Boccagno, produced impressive multimedia packages developed through original investigative work in Mexico and Thailand.

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Diversity in the Modern Media Landscape

SOC AUABJ Voices 2016

The American University Association of Black Journalist is helping students prepare for getting beyond the classroom with their annual "Voices" panel.

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Earning Bylines and Building Connections at USA Today

SOC Alexandra Korba USA Today

Dean's Internship at USA Today has given Alexandra Korba a chance to get involved in the newsroom and write stories for a national audience. 

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