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Journalism: Student & Faculty Work Archive

Photo of African fabric shop

Students Engage DC Communities

Prof. Angie Chuang's Race, Ethnic and Community Reporting class is exploring culture and race in the metro area and writing it about on the web site DC Intersections.

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SOC Bill Gentile explaining

Professor Holds Backpack Journalism Workshop at NBC

Professor Bill Gentile held a Backpack Journalism workshop in March at the NBC News bureau in Washington, D.C. Learn More

W. Joseph Campbell, professor of communication

Romenesko Highlights Professor's Blog on Media-Driven Myths

Professor W. Joseph Campbell's blog, Media Myth Alert, calls attention to the appearance and publication of media-driven myths. Campbell's forthcoming book, Getting It Wrong, also addresses and examines well-known stories that have become tales exemplary of media exaggeration.  Recently, the author of the "MediaNews" site, Romenesko, who is also of fan of the professor's blog, has linked to several of Professor Campbell's blog posts, including the myth of the Washington Post and Watergate.

Egwueke Flash project

Student's flash project receives over 300,000 hits

Journalism grad student LaToya Egwuekwe created a flash project that shows the progression of the unemployment situation (by county) from Jan. '07 to Oct. '09. It's received over 300,000 hits between its URL and YouTube. Dozens of newspapers, tv stations and blogs have covered and/or linked to it. Egwueke recently did an interview on CNN's Your $$$ talking about the project. Read More

Prof's New Book Analyzes How Journalism Is Practiced

Journalism Ethics by Court Decree is part of Professor John Watson’s ongoing effort to understand why journalists do what they do. The book, published in 2008, focuses on institutions that determine how journalism is practiced. More faculty books.

Backpack JOurnalism Workshop director Bill Gentile filming in Afghanistan

Prof Takes Backpack Journalism to Harvard Club

Professor Bill Gentile was invited to speak about backpack journalism at the Harvard Club in New York City. He also screened his recent film, “Afghanistan: The Forgotten War,” which was broadcast on PBS last year. Gentile took questions from the crowd of strictly Harvard graduates and special guests after his presentation. Read Bill Gentile’s blog or visit his website.

Angie Chuang
A Look at Race in Adoption Preferences

In her opinion piece for The Root, journalism professor Angie Chuang discussed race issues in adoption following growing interest in adopting Haitian orphans.. "The deep racial politics of adoption are mired in centuries of colonialism, as well as white paternalism over domestic minority groups and developing countries," she wrote. Read more

Professor Bill Gentile talks about backpack journalism.

Professor Bill Gentile talks about backpack journalism.

Professor Interviewed for Pulitzer Center's Project: Report

YouTube teamed up with the Pulitzer Center to sponsor a series of videos, made possible by Sony and Intel, called Project: Report, which provides tips for those interested in journalism. For the first installment of the series, SOC's Professor William Gentile gave an interview where he discussed backpack journalism and what people who take part in it should bring to the field. Professor Gentile held a Backpack Journalism workshop in March at the NBC News bureau in Washington, D.C. Learn More

Prof Published in

A piece by Frank Smyth, an adjunct professor at SOC, was published at, a website dedicated to Internet activism. Smyth's work addresses the 20th anniversaries of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the murder of El Salvador's Jesuit university priests.

Smyth, who covered El Salvador for CBS News Radio, The Village Voice, The Economist and other outlets, is co-author of Dialogue and Armed Conflict: Negotiating the Civil War in El Salvador.

Faculty Expert Quoted in New York Times

Professor John C. Watson was quoted in a New York Times  article about the ethical issues behind API's partnership with Newsweek.

Guard at Arlington National Cemetery

Students Produce Professional Work in Advanced Reporting

Undergraduate students in prof. Jane Hall's Advanced Reporting class researched and developed a chosen beat involving a federal agency.  For their final article, they covered a multifaceted issue, including the treatment of war veterans, proposed regulation of nutritional supplements, arts education and the proposed "arts czar," the future of solar energy in the current economy and other important topics.

Read Traci Brooks' article on the "arts czar" under the Obama administration and Alysse Wolice's story about the impact of recent war veterans not seeking mental counseling out of fears that record of their treatement would hurt their ability to get jobs.

Student Earns Byline in the Washington Post

SOC senior Jewel Edwards, an intern at the Washington Post online publication The Root, earned a byline for "Green Collar Heroes" a story about community members advancing the green movement in innovative ways.

Bill Gentile in Afghanistan shooting a documentary for PBS NOW
Gentile's Piece Nominated for an Emmy Award.

Bill Gentile's documentary Afghanistan: The Forgotten War has been nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy Award in the Outstanding Continuous Coverage of a Major News Story category.  Bill Gentile’s film Nurses Needed was also submitted for consideration for an Emmy by PBS and was named the most popular show airing on the PBS program NOW in 2008.  Genile is also getting a lot of media attention, including a profile in Quill and an article in Variety.

Broadcast Students Produce Podcast

SOC broadcast students in professor Rick Rockwell's class produce a podcast called "Zero Degrees" which focuses on national and international issues. The podcast has successfully reached hundreds of listeners on four continents in at least a dozen countries outside the U.S. It is distributed via iTunes, under 0° and on the Web. Read the "Zero Degrees" blog or Listen to the podcast.

Professor Carolyn Brown

Professor Carolyn Brown

Prof's Article Published in Journal

Prof. Carolyn Brown's article "Immigration in the News" was chosen as the lead in an edition of Flow, an online journal of Television and Media Studies out of the University of Texas, Austin. The article grew out of Brown's current research on Spanish language and Bilingual media. 

Student Analyzes Latin American News in Podcast

In the scope of his independent study, senior Dan Aspan, has been creating a weekly five minute summary podcast of Latin American news. Listen to the podcast.

Streitmatter Publishes His New Book

Rodger Streitmatter's most recent book has just been released. From "Perverts" to "Fab Five" - The Media's Changing Depiction of Gay Men and Lesbians is the seventh book that Streitmatter has published. More faculty books.

Student Presents Honors Capstone Project at Conference

Elizabeth Royall presented her research into news coverage and reconstruction of Afghanistan at the 23rd National Conference on Undergraduate Research in LaCrosse, WI. Her research is drawn from her honors capstone project, which she completed under the supervision of Joseph Campell.  Elizabeth was also one of five recipients of the AU Honors Scholars Award.

Students Document Inauguration for NPR and CBSnews

NPR and CBSnews teamed with prof David Johnson and his Digital Skills for Reporters class to capture individual stories, photos and video for aggregation on

Angie Chuang
Prof Pens for Poyter Blog

Prof. Angie Chuang is now a regualr contributor to Poynter's Diversity at Work blog, which focuses on new ways to encourage journalistic storytelling from different perspectives.

SOC Laura Petti

Student named "Intern of the Week"  Journalism student Laura Petti was named "Intern of the Week" at FOX Business Network's DC Bureau. Check out her blog with work from her TV Field Reporting and Broadcast Journalism II classes. Read more

Angie Chuang

Professor Provides Insight on the 'Diversity' of Vanity Fair In her latest post to Poynter Online, Angie Chuang raises questions concerning the lack of diversity in Vanity Fair and Hollywood at large. The professor quotes fellow SOC professor Russell Williams who is very familiar with the situation. Read the full post, 'As Hollywood Prepares for Oscars, a Final Word on Colorless Vanity Fair'

SOC Investigative Journalism Reporting banner

Investigative Reporting Workshop Reports Generate National News

Investigative news produced or coproduced by the Investigative Reporting Workshop in the School of Communication prompted coverage by two national news outlets.

ABC World News Tonight aired a television news segment based on "Blown Away," the Workshop's report tracking stimulus dollars that are supposed to create green jobs in the United States. The segment placed the Workshop at the forefront of a national debate focused on exactly where the stimulus dollars are going—according to the report, 80 percent to foreign wind turbine manufacturers—and whether it will mean jobs for Americans. 

A new partnership between the Workshop and PBS's Frontline came to fruition with "Flying Cheap," an hour-long television report exposing surprising truths about the regional airline industry. The report dug deep into the history of regional airlines and the details leading up to the harrowing 2009 crash of regional flight Continental Air 3407. Three AU students assisted with research for "Flying Cheap," which netted 20 percent more viewers nationwide than Frontline’s average. American University and the University of California at Berkeley are the only two universities to partner with Frontline.