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New Movie from SOC Artist-in-Residence Released in Theaters

By Rosemary D'Amour

SOC Artist-in-Residence Gary Griffin

SOC Artist-in-Residence Gary Griffin.

Cinematographer Gary Griffin says his goal as a filmmaker is to motivate and enlighten the public, and his new film does just that as it exposes the legislative technique of dividing voting districts to give a political party an advantage. Griffin, an SOC Filmmaker in Residence, was Director of Photography for Gerrymandering, which NPR’s Bob Mondello called “riveting.” 

The film, featured at the Tribeca Film Festival in April, is opening in limited release in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Philadelphia on Friday, Oct. 15.

“[The film] succeeds in bringing to life a very important and powerful political topic, just in time for the mid-term elections,” Griffin says. “The problem with [the legislative technique of] gerrymandering is that it is so technical that people don’t pay attention to it. Hopefully, Gerrymandering … will change the attitudes of the public.”

Griffin says that most of his films are political in nature.

“It is the best way that I can contribute, by working with others to make films that push for positive political change.”

His work as a cinematographer and producer has received critical acclaim. He won the Sundance Film Festival’s 2005 American Excellence in Cinematography Award for his work on The Education of Shelby Knox, a feminist’s coming-of-age story. He co-produced a documentary with CNN, Autism is a World, which tells the story of an autistic woman’s path to communication.

Griffin holds an MFA from Prague’s FAMU Film Academy of Performing Arts, and helped start the AU/FAMU abroad program in 1991.