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Scholars of the Center for Environmental Filmmaking

Girl holding camera

Each year, at least five graduate scholars are selected by the Center for Environmental Filmmaking based on their abilities to demonstrate leadership in their thesis films. The $2,000 stipend is given to honor the students for their work in furthering the center’s mission. This year, nine talented students received the reward:

  • Emma Dacol
  • Sirjaut  Dhariwal
  • Elizabeth Herzfeldt-Kamprath
  • Ashley Holmes
  • Megan King
  • Dorian Russell
  • Sam Sheline 
  • Crystal Solberg
  • Kent Wagner

The Center for Environmental Filmmaking was founded with the purpose of utilizing film, images and stories to raise awareness and bring change to the numerous environmental challenges we face today.  

More information about these student’s projects and the application process.