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Puglisi's New Book Tackles  Successful PR Practices, Portfolio Building

SOC Assistant Professor Gemma Puglisi

Professor Gemma Puglisi can now add published author to her long of professional credits. Her new book, Public Relations Campaigns and Portfolio Building published by Pearson Education, recently hit the shelves of bookstores nationwide.

The books is a compilation of case studies and projects, many done by past students of Puglisi, assembled to outline the steps to successful PR practices and portfolio building.  

“This is the first manual of its kind in the industry and in education,” says Puglisi. “I would attend conferences every year with academics and we often discussed the fact that there was no book for [creating] a portfolio or campaign that students worked on at their institution.”  

Inspired by this Puglisi began a long process that took many years to complete. Challenges included going back and reevaluating all of the projects she had received from students in the past and getting permission to use content from various media sources including blogger Perez Hilton and the network, cast and crew behind Lifetime’s Project Runway.  

“I'm honestly very thrilled and proud of this book because it represents the work students have done in the PR Portfolio class the last 7 years,” says Puglisi. “It's really a testament to their talent and passion." 

Anthony LaFauce, a former student of Puglisi’s, credits her and the lessons she taught for much of his current success. "You always hear stories about that one professor who changes your life and stays with you forever. For me Gemma is that professor and her inspiration helps me be the professional I am today,” he says.

"To this day I still reference skills I learned in PR Portfolio,” he adds. Of the book, he says, “Reading Gemma's words both re-inspires me and gives me a great sense of satisfaction knowing the generations of PR pros will get the education they need to be a success."  

Puglisi’s book can be used as a standalone text and as a supplement to another. A number of schools have shown interest in the book and are looking to adopt it is a part of their PR programs. Public Relations Campaigns and Portfolio Building can currently be found in the American University Bookstore.