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Jayaswal's Film, Photography Draw Attention

Leena Jayaswal’s film Crossing Lines won a Bronze Palm Award at the Mexico International Film Festival and was named best documentary at the California Arts Association's First Digital Short Film Festival.

Professor Leena Jayaswal’s documentary, “Crossing Lines” has been receiving local and national news attention and will be televised twice this week. The film tells the story of a woman's return to India for the first time after her father's death. 

"Crossing Lines" has won numerous awards, including the Gracie Allen Award, has been shown on over 100 PBS affiliates and most recently was added to the traveling exhibit Beyond Bollywood as part of the Smithsonian exhibition. The film is distributed by New Day Films. WHUT is airing the documentary Saturday, November 14 at 4:30 p.m.

Additionally, The Washington Post's Mark Jenkins reviewed  the “Photographers @ Work” show at the Studio Gallery which features Jayaswal and several other SOC talents, including Manager of Photographic Services Shaun Schroth, Adjunct Professor Iwan Bagus and alumna Rania Razek. The exhibition ends Nov. 14.

Jayaswal was also one of three judges for a photography contest for Consultant Group to Assist the Poor, and was interviewed in USA Today and The Washington Post.