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Why Is American University Becoming the Center for New Journalism?

That’s the question journalist Mark Glaser was trying to answer when he visited AU’s School of Communication last month. As Amy Eisman, SOC professor and director of the school’s writing programs, told him: “…two words: Larry Kirkman.”

Glaser agreed, calling SOC's Dean Kirkman, “an alchemist, a producer who brought people in from across disciplines,” in the article he wrote for MediaShift, the online publication he edits. Glaser also cited a student body interested in social justice and change, and AU SOC’s Washington location as factors that seemed to be critical in helping the school become “a hotbed for new forms of journalism.”

While on campus Glaser visited three SOC centers that are fueling the school’s programs and talked with their directors.

Check out the full MediaShift article and video interviews with Pat Aufderheide, SOC Professor and director of the Center for Social Media; Jan Schaffer, executive director of J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism; Chuck Lewis, SOC professor and executive editor of the Investigative Reporting Workshop; Amy Eisman, SOC professor and director of the school’s writing programs; and SOC Dean Larry Kirkman.