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SOC Senior Gets 'Ready for Hillary'

By Paola Chavez

SOC Ready for Hillary

Bugatti joins the 'Ready For Hilary' movement.

In the midst of the midterm elections, School of Communication senior Izzy Bugatti prepares for the 2016 presidential elections.    

The Public Communications major and Marketing minor, is currently an intern for Ready For Hillary, a Super PAC encouraging former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016. The group is also responsible for laying the groundwork for her candidacy.   

Bugatti joined the organization in June, after accepting an internship to work with college campuses in South Carolina and Nevada to encourage students to start 'Students for Hillary' groups.   

The Los Angeles native says working as a 'Young American Organizer' in D.C. has shown her how much SOC's Public Communication program has helped her grow.   

"The communication skills I've learned in class have definitely helped me," said Bugatti. She notes she wouldn't have had the courage to call people for campaign support if it weren't for the skills she's acquired through the program.   

“Ready Bugatti holds the 'Ready For Hilary' sign with pride at the final Harkin Steak Fry.

In addition to strengthening her communication skills, Bugatti said professors in the program, like Pilar McKay, have influenced her involvement in the upcoming elections. 

"She has made me more aware and interested in the study of polling and how important it is," said Bugatti.  

McKay says Bugatti's experience has been great for her success in the class.   

"She is actively participating in a political cause, and when students like Izzy are working in the field while also taking the research class, it provides an interesting perspective to the work we do in class."   

McKay encouraged her to share her observations of Iowa and Iowans to the class—given that many students will not have the same opportunity to visit the state during a midterm election year, let alone the Harkin Steak Fry.   

The longstanding Iowa tradition, started in 1972, is essentially a barbeque party established to raise money for Tom Harkin's first congressional campaign.   

"Izzy was very generous to share her story about her trip to the historic Harkin Steak Fry with the class," said McKay, "which helps the collective experience of the students."    

Bugatti says she has been overwhelmed with support by professors like McKay and is grateful for all the experience she's been gaining both in and out of the classroom.