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Professor Honored for Oscar Wins

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Professor Honored for Oscar Wins

Russell Williams, artist in residence, holding his Oscar and Emmy awards

School of Communication professor Russell Williams was among the 21 "Oscar Award-Winning Black Men" honored by the Los Angeles Urban League at its 36th annual Whitney M. Young Jr. awards ceremony. Williams has won two Academy Awards for his sound work on Glory and Dances with Wolves.

Williams is an experienced producer, and his work has brought him honors and recognition from the mayors of both Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, from the American Film Institute, and from Cal State Northridge, Howard University and American University. He has taught at UCLA, USC and Cal. State Northridge, and runs SOC's Summer in LA program.

The Whitney M. Young Jr. Award celebrates "the power, strength and potential of African American men in the 21st century." The Los Angeles Urban League, part of the national Urban League, runs advocacy activities and programs to help minorities secure economic self reliance, parity, power and civil rights.