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SOC IRW Banktracker Update

From the Workshop

Rising profits and growing loan demand, along with a decline in troubled loans, indicate that after nearly five years, the banking industry might be returning to something resembling normalcy.

Center for Environmental Filmmaking

SOC CEF logo updated

The Center for Environmental Filmmaking, led by professor Chris Palmer, was founded on the belief that powerful films, images, and stories can play a key role in fostering conservation and bringing about change. We are committed to raising awareness and empowering action through the innovative use of media. Our mission is to inspire a new generation of filmmakers and media experts whose commitment to environmental stewardship drives them to produce creative work that is informative, ethically sound, entertaining—and makes a positive difference.

Center Media & Social Impact


The Center for Media & Social Impact at American University, formerly the Center for Social Media, is an innovation lab and research center that studies, designs, and showcases media for social impact. Focusing on independent, documentary and public media, the Center bridges boundaries between scholars, producers and communication practitioners across media production, media impact, public policy and audience engagement. The Center produces resources for the field and academic research; convenes conferences and events; and works collaboratively to understand and design media that matters.

Investigative Reporting Workshop

SOC Investigative Journalism Reporting banner

The Investigative Reporting Workshop undertakes significant, original, national and international investigative reporting projects for multimedia publication or broadcast in collaboration with others, and will serve as a laboratory “incubator” to develop new economic models and techniques for conducting and delivering investigative journalism. There is no other university research center in the world examining new models for enabling and disseminating investigative reporting.

J-Lab: Institute for Interactive Journalism

SOC J-Lab new logo

J-Lab helps journalists and citizens use digital technologies to develop new ways of participating in public life. J-Lab's programs include J-Learning and the Knight Citizen News Network, both of which are Web-based, comprehensive community journalism instruction programs; the McCormick New Media Women Entrepreneurs Project, which provides seed funding and support for original news ideas proposed by women; and New Voices, which provides start-up funding and instruction for pioneering community news ventures in the United States. J-Lab also administers the Knight-Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism, one of the profession's most prestigious honors.

Backpack Journalism Project

SOC Bill Gentile explaining

The Backpack Journalism Project at American University is mapping the landscape of emerging techniques and technologies for visual storytellers and educating the next generation of video journalists in the spirit and tradition of photojournalism and documentary filmmaking.

Community Voice Project

SOC CVP logo

The Community Voice Project is a cross-campus initiative of faculty and students from SOC’s journalism division and the College of Arts and Sciences anthropology department. The Project enhances the academic missions of SOC and CAS while showcasing ways to use media as creative tools for public knowledge and action. Launched with an initial two-year, $150,000 grant from the Surdna Foundation and the Project is working to grow its financial support. A digital library of the students’ work is being created to serve as a model for other university and non-profit collaborations throughout the country.


Current Logo

AU's School of Communication is the steward of Takoma Park, Md.-based Current newspaper and its Web site Current.org. Current, published continuously since 1982 under the stewardship of WNET, is the sole, editorially independent news medium and forum for public television and radio—including PBS, NPR, and their member stations—an industry that, according to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, reported U.S. gross revenues of $2.6 billion in 2009.

Foreign Correspondence Network

Foreign Correspondents Logo

You want to work overseas. Photojournalist, documentary filmmaker, artist-in-residence and Emmy winner Bill Gentile--who has covered conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Nicaragua--will connect you with SOC alumni working in more than 30 countries. Learn more about the Foreign Correspondence Network.