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Center for Environmental Filmmaking

Arlene Agulto, one of twelve students who traveled to Alaska for <em>Classroom in the Wild: Extreme HD</em>, films whales.

Center for Environmental Filmmaking

The Center for Environmental Filmmaking was founded by Professor Chris Palmer on the belief that environmental and wildlife films are vitally important educational and political tools in the struggle to protect the environment. The Center’s mission is to train filmmakers to produce films and new media that are effective at producing conservation, and that are highly entertaining, ethically sound and educationally powerful. The Center is a project of the School of Communication at American University in Washington, D.C.

The Center has four signature initiatives:

• Creating partnerships with well-established organizations that give students the opportunity to produce
  professional films.
• Bringing world-class filmmakers to the American University campus to teach and mentor students.
• Providing innovative educational programs and classes.
• Advocating for the ethical treatment of wildlife and the environment worldwide.

CEF Philosophy

The Center’s philosophy is to show students that through hard work, perseverance and creativity, they can bring focus, passion, and meaning to their films and their lives. We value the exuberance that comes from being creative, the courage to stand up for what you believe in, and the compassion to care for those who can’t speak for themselves. These are fundamentally important values that will benefit students throughout their lives. The Center is equally concerned with academic excellence and approaches environmental issues with intellectual rigor and sound journalism.