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NGA & SOC: International Cinema Series


National Gallery of Art Partners with SOC for Film Series

American University School of Communication and the National Gallery of Art have launched a multi-year program of international film screenings to take place on AU's campus in the McKinley Building Malsi Doyle and Michael Forman Theater. The program series includes classic and contemporary films from Italy, China, Czech Republic, Greece, Brazil, Denmark and other countries. Foreign language films will include English subtitles.

Working with Embassy cultural institutions, the NGA &SOC International Cinema Series may include moderated discussion by filmmakers, scholars and content experts. The series is part of a two-year partnership and venue collaboration through 2016 while the National Gallery East Building undergoes renovation.

Free and open to the public.

Campus directions: www.american.edu/AUMaps

OCTOBER & NOVEMBER 2015: French Film Series

Presented by the National Gallery of Art, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and American University's School of Communication and College of Arts & Sciences

  • Friday, October 2nd - American University, McKinley Building, Doyle/Forman Theater
    • 6:30 pm - Opening Night Reception, Media Innovation Lab
    • 7:00 pm - Les Plages d'Agnes "The Beaches of Agnes" (2010, 110mins) Directed by Agnès Varda


  • Sunday, October 18th - National Gallery of Art, West Building, Lecture Hall
    • 4:30 pm - Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse "The Gleaners and I" (2000, 82mins) Directed by Agnès Varda


  • Friday, October, 23rd - American University, McKinley Building, Doyle/Forman Theater
    • 7:00 pm - Cleo de 5 a 7 "Cleo from 5 to 7" (1962, 90mins) Directed by Agnès Varda


  • Wednesday, November 4th - American University, McKinley Building, Doyle/Forman Theater
    • 7:00 pm - La Pointe Courte "The Short Point" (86mins, 1955) Directed by Agnès Varda


  • Sunday, November 8th - National Gallery of Art, West Building, Lecture Hall
    • 4:30 pm - Ulysse "Ulysses" (1982, 22mins) Directed by Agnès Varda


  • Sunday, November 22nd - National Gallery of Art, West Building, Lecture Hall
    • 4:30 pm - Film TBA


For other films at the National Gallery, click here.

Doyle/Forman Theater has seating capacity for 145 available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 



SEPTEMBER 2014: Italian Film Series

Co-hosted by SOC, the National Gallery of Art & the Italian Embassy Cultural Institute

    • Journey to Italy "Viaggio in Italia" (1954, 100mins) film with Ingrid Bergman & George Sanders
    • Il Sorpasso (1962, 105mins) with Vittorio Gassman & Catherine Spaak
    • La Mia Classe (2013, 92mins), directed by Daniele Gaglianone
    • Tir (2013, 90mins), directed by Alberto Fasulo

OCTOBER 2014: Viewing China - a series of documentary films on rural and urban life in mainland China

Presented in partnership with the National Gallery of Art with special thanks to China Central Newsreel & Documentary Studio Group, China Film Archive, Icarus Film and Day Zero Film.

    • Nostalgia—The Ballade of Village (Season One/Episode One) Directed by Han Junqian. "Moon over Home Village: Going Home for Spring Festival" U.S. Premiere (2014, 50mins)
    • When My Child Is Born (2011, 75mins) Directed by Guo Jing and Ke Dingding
    • Oxhide (2005, 110mins) Directed by Liu Jiayin Starring Liu Zaiping, Jia Huifen, Liu Jiayin
    • Ghost Town (2008, 169mins) Directed by Zhao Dayong

NOVEMBER 2014: Czech Films - The Play's The Thing: Vaclav Havel, Art & Politics

Presented in cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic

    • The Uninvited Guest (1969, 22mins) Directed by Vlastimil Venclik
    • Every Young Man (1966, 83mins) Directed by Pavel Juracek
    • The Mist (1966, 28mins) Directed by Radúz Cincera
    • Report on Party and Guests (1966, 28mins) Directed by Jan Nemec
    • Leaving (2013, 94mins) Directed by Vaclav Havel
    • The Beggar's Opera Again (1996, 60mins) Directed by Olga Sommerová
    • The Heart Above the Castle (2007, 48mins) Directed by Jan Nemec

DECEMBER 2014: Greek Film Series - Athens Today

Presented with special thanks to The Embassy of Greece, Greek Film Center and The James and Theodore Pedas Family Foundation

    • September (2013, 105mins) Directed by Penny Panayotopoulou
    • Standing Aside, Watching (2013, 98mins) Directed by Yorgos Servetas
    • Wild Duck (2013, 88mins) Directed by Yannis Sakaridis

JANUARY & FEBRUARY 2015: Brazilian Crossroads: Cruzamentos*

Presented by the National Gallery of Art and American University's School of Communication, School of International Service and the Center for Latin American & Latino Studies


    • Iracema directed by Jorge Brodanzky and Orlando Senna (1974, 90mins)
    • Housemaids directed by Gabriel Mascaro (2013, 76mins)
    • Santiago directed by Joao Moreira Salles (1992-2007, 80mins)
    • Like Water Through Stone directed by Marilia Rocha (2009, 85mins)
    • Black Orpheus directed by Marcel Camus (1959, 100mins)
    • Isle of Flowers directed by Jorge Furtado (1989, 13mins)
    • ABC of a Strike directed by Leon Hirszman (1979-1990, 86mins)
    • Socorro Nobre directed by Walter Salles (1996, 23mins)
    • Central Station directed by Walter Salles (1998, 113mins)

*Cruzamentos - a rare opportunity to experience one of the world's most dynamic filmmaking traditions, Cruzamentos - recent and historic works representing the remarkable wave of documentary filming that occurred after the fall of Brazil's military dictatorship - includes films by Leon Hirszman, Walter Salles, Joao Moreira Salles, Jorge Bodansky, Eduardo Coutinho, Jorge Furtado and others. Cruzamentos translates as "intersections," a nod to fusion of influences that makes Brazil so distinctive in its culture. Films are in Portuguese with subtitles.


April 2015: British Film

"Generosity, mutual support and co-operation were the watch words of the age. It is time to remember the determination of those who were intent on building a better world." - Ken Loach, Director

    • Spirit of '45 directed by Ken Loach (2013, 99mins)