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Faculty Forum: Laura DeNardis

The Global War for Internet Governance

Tuesday, April 1
12:00 - 1:30 p.m. McKinley, Media Innovation Lab

"Co-Organized with the D.C. Chapter of the “Internet Society

Professor Laura DeNardis will discuss her new book, “The Global War for Internet Governance” which explains how the Internet is currently governed, particularly through the sinews of power that exist in technical architecture and new global institutions, and presents several brewing Internet governance controversies that will affect the future of economic and expressive liberty.

Internet governance conflicts are the new spaces where political and economic power is unfolding in the 21st century. Technologies of Internet governance increasingly mediate freedom of expression and individual privacy. They are entangled with national security and global commerce. The distributed nature of Internet governance technologies is shifting historic control over these public interest areas from sovereign nation-states to private ordering and new global institutions. 

The term "Internet governance" conjures up a host of global controversies such as the prolonged Internet outage in Syria during political turmoil, narratives about the United Nations "taking over" the Internet, NSA surveillance revelations, cybersecurity concerns about denial of service attacks, and the mercurial privacy policies of social media companies. These issues exist at the surface of a technologically concealed and institutionally complex ecosystem of governance, generally out of public view.

The Faculty Research & Projects Forum is a monthly lecture series highlighting exciting and high-impact work produced by the faculty at American University's School of Communication. The Forum also features selected external speakers whose work is at the forefront of great communication problems and ideas of our time. See the full spring 2014 schedule here.

Live Event Streaming: Laura DeNardis