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Faculty Research & Projects Forum

The Faculty Research & Projects Forum is a monthly lecture series highlighting exciting and high-impact work produced by the faculty at American University's School of Communication whose work is at the forefront of great communication problems and ideas of our time. Follow #SOCFacultyForum for event information.


Book cover for Disability Rights Advocacy Online

November 15: Disability Rights Advocacy Online: Voice, Empowerment and Global Connectivity

11:30 a.m. McKinley Building, Media Innovation Lab

In just a few short years, Internet-based media have revolutionized disability rights advocacy. At a time of crisis, online media fostered a renewed sense of unity in the traditionally fragmented disability community, starting a process that is continuing today as advocates try to organize the disability vote in the 2016 election. New digitally native organizations have emerged, which challenged traditional ways of thinking about disability advocacy. Young disabled bloggers have become the new faces of the disability movement. In this talk, Filippo Trevisan will review the changes, challenges, and opportunities that led to these transformations, discussing their significance for the disability community and any movements that seek to spark social change.


Prof Lenny Steinhorn presenting in a Faculty Forum

October 25: President Trump?

11:30 a.m. McKinley Building, Media Innovation Lab

Professor Leonard Steinhorn discusses the 2016 election and what gave rise to the Trump candidacy.


SOC IRW Typewriter

April 19: A New Model for Journalism

11:00 a.m. McKinley Building, Media Innovation Lab

Editors from the Investigative Reporting Workshop, an award-winning, professional news organization based in the School of Communication, will talk about recent grants, partnerships and co-productions with PBS FRONTLINE. 


SOC american flag

February 23: 2016 Presidential Primaries, the Media and the Mood of the American Voter

Join School of Communication Professors Deen Freelon, Jane Hall, Molly O'Rourke, and Leonard Steinhorn to understand the contemporary political dynamics shaping this primary season, historical precedents that can help explain these dynamics, and the role of social media, mainstream media, and polling institutions in covering and constructing the political conflicts now playing out. WATCH EVENT

SOC MOTHERLAND Dissecting Identity and the Diaspora

March 22: Motherland: Dissecting Identity and the Diaspora

Leena Jayaswal’s strong relationship with making media began with her migration to the United States. As she grew up in the United States, she used the camera to observe both Indian and American cultures. This very act of photographing allowed her to participate and hide at the same time. Identity and the Diaspora have been reoccurring themes throughout Jayaswal’s photography, installations and filmmaking. Vacillating between old land, new land, past and present, her presentation will navigate through issues of belonging. Leena Jayaswal is a full-time professor of Film and Media Arts. She is head of the photography concentration. Her photography has been nationally recognized in galleries around the country. WATCH EVENT