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2011 SOC Award Nominees

SOC 2011 SOC Award Nominees hero

From left to right in the photo: Ethan Klapper, Greg Handelsman, Christine Dolendo, Amy Chin, Shanika Yapa, Ted Roach, Lauren Anderson, Ashley Wolos, Kathryn Baxter, Andrea Lum, Leah Simoncelli
Not pictured: Alex Priest, Aditi Desai, Amber Yothers, Megan Miraglia

2011 University Student Award Nominees, Honors Award Winners and Commencement Speakers 

*Winners - award in bold

Lauren Anderson - Honors Award

Kathryn Baxter - Academic Achievement Award: Seckler-Hudson, Hughes, Kinsman-Hurst; GLBTA Resource Center Academic Award

Amy Chin - Academic Achievement Award

Aditi Desai - Outstanding Scholarship at the Graduate Level

Christine Dolendo - Honors Award

Greg Handelsman - President's Award

Ethan Klapper -  Oustanding Scholarship at the Undergraduate Level; President's Award

Andrea Lum - Oustanding Service to the University Community; Academic Achievement Awards: Cassell, Fletcher Scholar, Hughes, Van Way

Megan Miraglia - Academic Achievement Awards: Cassell, Seckler-Hudson, Fletcher Scholar, Hughes, Kinsman-Hurst, Van Way, Johnson

Alex Priest - Outstanding Service to the University Community; President's Award; Honors Award; Academic Achievement Award: Hughes

Edgar (Ted) Roach - Oustanding Scholarship at the Graduate Level; Graduate Commencement Speaker

Leah Simoncelli - Outstanding Service to the University Community

Ashley Wolos - Outstanding Service to the University Community; Academic Achievement Award: Bruce Hughes Award

Shanika Yapa - Undergraduate Commencement Speaker

Amber Yothers - Outstanding Scholarship at the Undergraduate Level

2011 Commencement