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SOC at Ann Ferren 2015

School of Communication Sessions at 2015 Ann Ferren Conference


G: Honors Program: Call for Interdisciplinary, Team-Taught Courses for the New AU Honors Program

(for faculty teaching and wanting to teach Honors courses) - with Larry Engel(SOC) (Chair), Sally Fowler (KSB-MGMT), Douglas Klusmeyer (SPA-JLC), Michael Manson (AU Honors Program), Mary Mintz (Library), and Lyn Stallings (Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies)

In this session, you will learn what the Honors Advisory Committee is looking for in course proposals for the New Honors Program, and we will facilitate the creation of new courses by introducing faculty to colleagues interested in teaching in the new program.


T7: Improving Smartphone Photography and Video for Class Projects

Larry Engel (SOC) (Chair) and Kyle Brannon (SOC)
Smartphones are ubiquitous and can be used to create strong visual and aural media for the classroom or by students for course projects. Learn how to help yourself and your students improve media production with the tool that's always with you.

SESSION ONE (11:15 A.M. - 12:15 P.M.)

106: Teaching Digitally to Millennials

Brigid Maher (SOC) (Chair), Leena Jayaswal (SOC), and Kristian Perry (SOC) This panel provides ideas and approaches on how to encourage students who feel they already know the digital world, to engage with the deeper implications and applications of the technology in an academic and professional context.

107: What Is Game Research and How Can You Use It?

Mike Treanor (CAS-CSC) (Chair), Lindsay Grace (SOC), Josh McCoy (CAS-CSC), and Christopher W. Totten (CAS-ART)
This session demonstrates how game researchers expand our understanding of games as a medium and how games can change the world. Learn how you can use games and gamification in your teaching and research.

2 SESSION TWO (2:30 P.M. – 3:30 P.M.)

202: Encouraging Discussion, Participation, and Enthusiasm in Class Chris Palmer (SOC)

This session provides an opportunity to learn various techniques and ideas for encouraging students to participate more in class discussions and to be more enthusiastic and motivated.

204: Using Current Events as Teachable Moments

Pilar McKay (SOC) (Chair), Lindsay Grace (SOC), Molly O'Rourke (SOC), and Margot Susca (SOC)
Current events do not slow down when classes start. Panelists provide techniques and ideas to integrate current events into your curriculum to help your students actively engage with history and the news.

209: Internship Mentoring: A Conversation with Faculty Brian Rowe (Career Center) (Chair), Michelle Egan (SIS), Larry Kirkman (SOC), and Walter Park (CASECON)

Join this discussion of best practices and success in mentoring and guiding students through academic internships. The session features a panel of three faculty facilitated by the Career Center's Director of Experiential Education.

210: Bridging Classroom and Community through Community-Based Learning

Marcy Fink Campos (Center for Community Engagement & Service) (Chair), Easten Law (SIS), Kim Llerena (SOC), and Jane Palmer (SPA-PUAD)
Community-based learning (CBL) is gaining momentum on AU’s campus through the new “CB” course designation, the Community-Based Research Scholars Program, a Faculty Fellows Institute, and new CBL AU Abroad courses. Find out what contributes to its success as well as the challenges faced.

SESSION THREE (3:45 P.M. – 4:45 P.M.)

302: Block Classes: Engagement High, Dead Time Low 

Robert Johnson (SPA-JLC) (Chair), Amy Eisman (SOC), and Rainey Ransom (SPA-JLC)
Do some of your block classes have students dragging in after a full-day internship or part-time job?

Panelists discuss how they engage students by employing a variety of instructional strategies. Topics covered include group work, assignment development and a growing emphasis on experiential learning.

306: Innovative Examples from Online Teaching

Mieke Meurs (CAS) (Chair), Lynne Arneson (CAS-BIO), Kristy Dekat (Deltak), and Wendy Melillo (SOC)
Are you looking for ways to freshen your online course? Wondering what specifically online possibilities make online teaching worthwhile? Three experienced online instructors share favorite, innovative course elements they have developed. The presentations focus on the questions of “what” and “why.”

308: Developing an Honors Program for Your Unit

Larry Engel (SOC) (Chair), Sally Fowler (KSB-MGMT), Douglas Klusmeyer (SPA-JLC),Michael Manson (AU Honors Program), Mary Mintz (Library), and Lyn Stallings(Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies)
The university is creating honors programs for students to earn distinction in their field or related field of study. This session provides an opportunity for faculty to discuss with members of the Honors Advisory Committee the options and opportunities available in creating these new programs.