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Admission Resources: Video

Admitted Student Day (2011)

AUSOC Dean Larry Kirkman highlights the work of the
Investigative Reporting Workshop (IRW) with alumni and

Prof. Amy Eisman, Director of the Weekend Interactive
Journalism Program gives newly-admitted students an
overview of some of the opportunities the school has to offer.

Hear from the Experts

All you need to know about the International Media Masters
Program in under 3 minutes from director of the MA program,
Rick Rockwell.

The Center for Social Media Presents: Women's Voices in the
Muslim World. Catinca Tabacaru, Executive Director, Women's
Voices Now, discusses the power of sharing one's stories and
gaining listeners.

Student Work/Projects

International Media student Kate Fenner's work - The Faces of
Migration Series takes an in-depth look at the personal stories
of lives impacted by migration to the U.S. The stories
highlight some of the less discussed issues of migration,
mainly occurring outside U.S. borders.

Visions 2011 - Best Environmental Production Nomination:
Ellen Tripler - Dying Green