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Faculty, Advisors Connect with SOC Students

The annual Campus Climate survey lets AU students rate their schools' performance in areas from advising to faculty accessiblility. SOC received high marks, ranking first out of the five schools in six categories.

  • 92.3 percent of SOC students say AU courses are demanding and require high standards;
  • 85 percent said SOC faculty make an effort to get to know them;
  • 95.5 percent say it's easy to contact SOC faculty outside of class;
  • 93.3 percent say instructors are sensitive to issues of diversity;
  • 83.5 percent say students are sensitive to issues of diversity.
Ranking second among the five schools, the advising office makes student satisfaction its top priority
  • 91 percent of SOC students said their academic adviser is available when I need him/her;
  • 80.7 percent said they were generally satisfied with the quality of SOC's academic advising.
SOC scored above the AU average in 23 of the 38 categories