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Messages to the Class of 2013

Kelsey Yonce

SOC Kelsey Yonce

Kelsey Yonce graduated from The School of Communication with a major in Film & Media and minor in Marketing. During her time at American University Kelsey has enhanced her workplace experience and skill set by completing seven varied internships at: PBS, Medicus Life Brands, Fifth & Pacific, Allied-THA, Juicy Couture, America’s Most Wanted and Sanofi. She plans to leverage her degree and experiences to enter the fashion world or healthcare marketing industry working in digital marketing and is thankful that American has provided her with knowledge, confidence, and experiential opportunities to succeed in today’s highly competitive workplace.

To see more of her work please visit:

Message to the Class of 2013

Class of 2013,

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and bestselling author Anna Quindlen once said that “I don't know” is one of the most exciting sentences and is the start of so many great questions. This inspirational message, brings meaning to how far we have come during our time at American.

We chose American, we chose the School of Communications, and in the last four years, were empowered to make the hundreds of decisions, big and small that brought us to this point. In the beginning of our college careers we did not know what the future held and today, as graduates, we still don’t know what is in store for us. But thanks to AU we now have the necessary tools to conquer the unknown.

Although the future is uncertain, what I do know Class of 2013 is because of our classroom and internship experiences—which in turn helped steer us to our path in life—we have a renewed sense of purpose and a deepened desire to go out and get that news story that will inform the public on politics, entertainment, or sports. Our photographs will grace the covers of magazines, newspapers, and websites; we will produce films and documentaries that will change views and perceptions about our world; we will author blogs, articles, press releases, and communication plans that will shape opinions, inspire action, and educate.

We, the Class of 2013, are skilled communicators with unique talents and abilities that will get us far in life. Although there are many things we still do not know, we have arrived today ready to take the next step with confidence thanks to our families, friends and everyone at AU who helped us on this life journey filled with many uncertainties. Whether it be through their love, encouragement, financial support and sacrifice, or all of the above, our support systems have contributed to our success.

Congratulations and best of luck Class of 2013!

-Kelsey Yonce

What have you gained from your time in SOC?

During my time at AU I have gained a sense of clarity in terms of what I want to do in the workforce. I have also met a lot of great people while learning the importance of networking. Keeping the connections with students, teachers and internship mentors is critical in putting yourself out there when you start applying to jobs.

What is the one experience you've had at AU/SOC that you feel will best prepare you for your future career/education/life?

Although I do not want to pursue a career in broadcast, the TV Studio Production class taught by Professor Menke Fish was the best experience I had at American. The class taught me a lot about being a leader, working in groups, meeting deadlines, time management, and interview skills that are applicable to many different situations in the business world.