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Computer Labs

Here is a run down of the technology inside SOC's computer labs in Mary Graydon Center.  Lab editing facilities are available when not scheduled for classes.


The Advanced Imaging Lab has eight iMacs, all which connect to Epson scanners and Epson photo printers for high-quality image scanning and printing. The computers are equipped with Adobe’s Web Premium Suite as well as Apple’s Final Cut Pro Suite. This lab is open for all SOC students and ideal for those taking digital imaging or web design courses, as well as students looking for space to edit digitally.


The Phillips Lab serves as both an open lab and interactive classroom. With its 16 Mac Pros this lab makes an ideal place for learning. Each computer is loaded with Adobe Web Premium and Apple’s Final Cut Pro Suites.  For those working on digital video graphics, these computers come with Adobe After Effects loaded and with professional plug-ins installed. These powerful machines give students the ability to render their projects on one of Apple’s fastest computer models.


The Digital Video Lab is an open workspace designed for students to complete projects in film and video. This facility is utilized primarily by entry-level video editing students. The DV lab contains eight state-of-the-art Mac Pros. Each computer is equipped with the latest version of the Adobe and Final Cut Pro Suites as well as the latest After Effects loaded with professional plug-ins. Each computer is equipped with a second 4x3 monitors and editing decks that are capable of inputting or outputting to mini-DV or VHS formats.


The Friedheim Journalism Center is a primary location for Journalism and Public Communication courses to be held. Contained within these two classrooms are over 40 iMacs. These 24inch-screened beauties provide the perfect setting for completing the next great news story, in print, web, radio, or television. The classrooms often find themselves doubling as the setting for “mock” newsrooms or simulated PR firms.


The FJC Situation Room Lab is an open lab for all SOC students. Its six iMacs come fully loaded with the software used by all SOC students. Whether writing a term paper or a script, designing a film’s budget and schedule, editing video, or designing a Web site, this lab is equipped to help you make the most of your SOC experience. The computers are equipped with the latest version of the Adobe’s Web Premium Suite and Final Cut Pro Suites. In addition the Situation Room Lab contains two Epson scanners allowing students dealing with graphics or photography an additional workstation in the SOC.


The Edward Bliss Broadcast Newsroom, located in the Media Production Center (MPC 102) is the nerve center for radio and television production in broadcast journalism. It is dedicated to Ed Bliss, who founded and led the Broadcast Journalism program at American University for many years. This broadcast news lab is configured with AP’s  Electronic News Production Services, a cutting edge newswire application, and 19 networked Pentium D processor computers. Here SOC students can build program rundowns and scripts for both radio and television broadcasts. In the Bliss Newsroom, you'll find everything you need to research facts, collaborate with colleagues, and write your breaking news stories and articles.

Our HD TV Studio includes three Sony HD studio cameras with prompters, a professional news desk, and a green-screen background set.  The control room features a Sony digital HD switcher and an Avid Deko character generator.  The Studio also includes a DVD studio recorder, four professional grade DVCAM VCRs for studio playback and recording, Pathfire Digital Media Gateway for receiving and distributing CNN Newsource media, and an audio-visual projection system in the TV Studio for classroom use.

The Media Production Center also features optimal tools for the non-linear editor. With thirteen video editing and three audio editing suites, the MPC offers students the chance to use the latest post-production software including Final Cut Studio (with Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Color), and Adobe Creative Suite (with Photoshop and After Effects).